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One day, I started on an adventure into the unknown, not deep-sea diving, not up a mountain, not into the heart of the Amazon, but underground. Not only that, but my starting point was the crater of Mount Sneffels.

So I turned on my self-generating lamp and entered a hole in the crater, leaving the outside world for however long.

Beyond that point, it was just downwards.

To begin with, I made my way down through an extensive system of dark caves and tunnels for about five miles.

At one point, I stopped for some food and water – both of which I had plenty of.

Then I continued.

The next stage of my journey wasn’t a continuous descent through dark caverns and passages, but through very large, luminescent electric blue glow worm caverns.

It meant that I no longer had to use my lamp.

The final cavern had a mile wide phosphorescent lake – inhabited by fish, reptiles and amphibians. It was a wonderful sight to behold.

For a moment, I stopped to eat and drink and to think about my journey so far.

I must have reached a depth of nine miles by now.

After a short rest, I got up and continued on downwards through a series of large caverns, full of crystals – crystals unlike any, which I had ever seen. They were hundreds of feet in length, multicoloured and luminous. The crystals lit up the caverns in mystical pastel hues.

I stopped to have some food and water for a moment.

At that point, I must have reached a depth of thirteen miles.

Once rested, I journeyed on tirelessly through a very large passage, which led horizontally for about three miles, to a colossal cavern.

There were neither glow worms, nor titanic crystals in the cavern.

Instead, there was a vast lake, which stretched out a very long way in all directions. The highest reaches of the cavern, were over a mile above and three enormous bright blue passages branched off into the unknown – one to the right, one to the left and the third about six or seven miles opposite. The shoreline of the lake was lined with thousands of giant glowing mushrooms. Furthermore, the cavern was all lit up by some kind of mystical bright blue lighting.

So my journey continued.

I could take neither the right nor left passage, because both of them slanted upwards, so it had to be the passage opposite.

I began to make my way along the lake shore, which happened to be inhabited by luminous insects, including ants, spiders, snails and dragon flies.

Even the lake was inhabited. There were large reptiles, amphibians and fish.

Along the way, I stopped and used up the rest of my food and water. That was no problem, because I was able to take on more water from the lake, which happened to be fresh and there were smaller mushrooms to pick.

When I reached the far side of the lake, I descended through the passage, which I estimated to be two thousand feet high, for about five miles.

At the other end of the passage, there was another colossal cavern – a cavern with a huge forest of giant, glowing mushrooms inside. Unlike the lake cavern, the floor slanted downwards and the lighting was pale brownish pink.

It was another overwhelming sight to behold.

As I made my way down through the mushroom forest, I saw more luminous spiders, snails and ants, along with beetles and ladybirds.

Along the way, I stopped to eat and drink.

After all, the forest was very large and was taking me an infinity to go through.

Eventually, after about eight miles, I reached a vast opening, which led straight into another titanic cavern with a forest of glowing mushrooms inside. It was also illuminated by the same pale brownish pink lighting.

And so, I made a very long descent through the mushroom forest, which was inhabited by more luminous insects.

I stopped again at one point to have some food and water – both of which I had enough of.

Finally, after journeying about ten miles through the forest, I entered a mighty pale brownish pink passage, which ran down for roughly five miles, to the shoreline of what happened to be an endless body of water – situated in an immeasurable dark green cavern.

The shore was lined with giant luminous mushrooms and to the right, a huge dark green passage branched off into the unknown.

I went right down to the shoreline and gazed out across the calm water. At first, I couldn’t tell whether it was a lake or an ocean. If it was the latter, then it had to be fresh, for I could smell no salt.

I filled my canteen and tasted it. Fresh it was.

The cavern happened to be inhabited. I could just make out a pod of whales and several dolphins. Seals were resting on the rocks and gulls were flying about.

It had to be an ocean.

I then picked some smaller mushrooms and headed off through the other tunnel, towards an area of very pale bluish green light.

It had to be emanating from another cavern.

After about twelve miles, I reached the area of pale light, which was emanating from another titanic cavern of unknown size.

Within the cavern, there was plenty of vegetation – trees, flowers, bushes, emerald grass and luminous mushrooms.

There was life too, including insects, wolves, snakes, big cats, deer and Raptors.

The big cats, the wolves and the Raptors for some reason were feeding off mushrooms instead of deer.

Up above, there were birds and Pterodactyls flying about.

I couldn’t see very far ahead, but the roof of the cavern was over three miles above.

For a moment, I wondered what to do next. Only two options there were – either to return to the Earth’s surface, or going on. Going on seemed pointless, so I decided to go on.

Journeying onwards turned out to be more fascinating than I expected.

At first it was mainly just trees and other forms of vegetation, which was wonderful enough, but soon, I started to see gigantic glowing crystals – sticking up out of the ground, like over-sized tufts of grass and larger areas of emerald grass – inhabited by Stegosaurs, Triceratops, Brachiosaurs, Ankylosaurs and Diplodocus.

At one point, I came to a huge lake, which was inhabited by amphibians, fish, Plesiosaurs, alligators, insects and crocodiles.

What was more there were people about. They all had shimmering silvery blonde hair and were wearing technicoloured robes, turbans, trousers, shorts, shirts, sandals and dresses.

They were either walking, resting, riding Raptors, playing with big cats and flying about in speeders – resembling Luke Skywalker’s. There were children too – either playing about or riding on the backs of big cats.

The sight of it all baffled me.

Suddenly, one of the people approached me in a speeder. The driver happened to be a woman wearing a dazzling striped pink and green dress. Her age I guessed was about the same as mine.

The woman told me to get in the speeder, which I did. And then, we were off.

First of all, the woman introduced herself as Andromeda. She then went on to say that she along with the rest of the inhabitants, were the descendants of an Atlantean civilization – the survivors of which had fled underground before Atlantis sank.

After that, she said that she was taking me to a settlement called Atlantis, which the ancestors of the people had built.

Along the way, I saw more dinosaurs, including Tyrannosaurs, Spinosaurus, Allosaurs and more Raptors, all of which were living in harmony.

There were other lakes too, as well as hundreds of giant crystals and people, some of whom were flying about in speeders.

It was all so wonderful.

Finally, there came into view, a large city – a city of pure white, luminous crystal.

When we reached the city, Andromeda flew the speeder all the way around it – allowing me to see the outskirts.

On the outskirts, there were many circular houses with domed roofs, embedded gems and sliding doors, which people were going in and out of; areas of vegetation, parks for children to play in, wells, allotments, ponds, patches of emerald grass and crystal paths – embedded with gems like the houses.

There were animals too, including cats, dogs, pigeons, doves and Raptors.

After I was shown the outskirts, Andromeda flew the speeder into the main part of the city, which consisted of very large buildings, that came in several varieties, including pyramids and domes.

Unlike the cities on the Earth’s surface, there were no streets, no roads, no alleys, nothing. The ground was all just sparkling white crystal – embedded with hundreds of thousands of gems.

There were crystal statues of different life forms standing on gem-embedded plinths, huge fountains of multicoloured phosphorescent light and millions of gems embedded in all of the buildings.

The inner part of the settlement was rather busy too, though not packed. People were going in and out of buildings through large triangular openings, walking about outside, sitting round the edges of the fountains and flying around in speeders.

There were countless doves and pigeons everywhere to be seen and hundreds of dogs too.

I asked Andromeda how far underground I was. She said close to thirty miles.

Finally, Andromeda parked the speeder in a parking area for speeders and we got out.

She then told me that she was going to take me on a tour of the city.

I was taken to a huge hall of holographic records – containing the history of Atlantis, a planetarium, several manufacturing places, where everything was being produced by robots, an education centre, where children were studying holograms; an outdoor play area for young children with swings, slides, seesaws, climbing frames, trampolines, roundabouts and helter skelters; a gymnasium, a gallery of holographic statues, a place for eating and drinking, a vast outdoor swimming pool of multicoloured phosphorescent water with slides and diving boards; art studios, birthing places for pets and babies, a holographic theatre, a vast laboratory of very highly advanced science, a temple of knowledge, an opera house, a concert hall for classical music and a circus.

The fascinating thing was, that every building was lit up inside by thousands of many coloured gems.

While at the city, Andromeda told me that the ancestors of the people had to build other such cities – due to the growing population and that more were being built still.

Finally, I was taken inside a pyramid, which was fairly smaller than the other buildings in the main part of the city.

Within the building, there was a ring of twelve crystal arches – each a different colour.

Andromeda told me that they were portals to other realities and that I was going to one of them.

I exchanged farewells with Andromeda, who told me to stand in a gold-coloured arch, which I did.

And then, I vanished in a bright white light.

When I reappeared, I found myself on a small island in the middle of a mountain lake.

The lake was surrounded by valleys, ridges, huge tree-clad foothills and mighty golden peaks free of snow and ice. Everything was bathed in a pale white light.

I was totally mystified. I gazed up slowly and saw to my astonishment that there was no horizon. The landscape swept upwards in a mighty arc to meet the hazy light. Mountains after mountains and other sorts of unknown terrain beyond. Looking around, I saw that it was the same in every direction. I then looked right up and saw the source of the light – a mysterious white orb.

There was life there too. Many thousands of ducks, geese and swans were swimming about on the lake and birds of prey were swooping about. As for the atmosphere, it was neither hot nor cold, just a gentle warmth.

I was really stupefied. I looked down and around again and saw a figure in a hooded white robe approaching me in some kind of golden hover vehicle. When the vehicle reached me, it stopped and a woman with waist length blonde hair, blue eyes and child-like skin got out.

I had countless questions needing to be answered – such as where I was and the identity of the woman. So I fired away.

First of all the woman introduced herself as Venus. She then went onto say that I had entered a subterranean world inside the Earth, called Agartha.

That came as no surprise to me, for I was totally open minded about things like ancient visitors from outer space, advanced technology used in ancient times, Atlantis, underworld folklore and something known as the Hollow Earth. I said as much to Venus.

Venus told me that she was going to take me to some places in the Hollow Earth. So the pair of us got in the hover vehicle, which was oval shaped with two seats side by side and a control panel. Venus worked a few controls and the vehicle shot off.

As the journey began, Venus explained things about Agartha. She spoke of oceans teeming with numerous lifeforms including whales, dolphins, sharks and seals. She then spoke of forests, jungles, cavern systems, settlements, spaceports, vast open plains, bushland, other forms of wildlife – such as wolves, big cats, other birds, reptiles and insects, interdimensional portals and civilizations – herself being part of one.

While journeying through the mountains, I saw cave openings, rivers, lakes, crystal settlements, waterfalls, countless birds flocking about and the odd hover vehicle every now and then.

Once out of the mountains, Venus flew the vehicle over a large area of lower tree-clad hills, all the way to the coast of a huge, shimmering pale blue sea, which stretched out of sight. She then steered right and followed the coast, which was lined with immense cliffs rising up to meet the hills, long beaches, sand dunes, bluffs, headlands and river estuaries. I was just able to make out dolphins, whales, seals and people on the beaches.

After journeying for some four dozen miles along the coast, Venus and myself reached a large flat peninsula with lower tree-covered hills in the background and an expansive city of gold on top.

The settlement was a most majestic looking one. It consisted of three rings of land separated by wide circular moats with many golden bridges spanning them. In the centre, there was a small artificial island with a very tall crystal right in the centre.

Surrounding the settlement was another wide moat. The entire settlement was about three miles wide.

Venus landed the vehicle on a landing pad for hover vehicles surrounded by trees on the outer ring of land and got out with me.

I was going to spend some time at the settlement, which was called Shamballa.

The outer ring of the city consisted of formal gardens, countless flowers, small ponds, plenty of vegetation, large areas of jade grass, paths of gold, fruit bushes and thousands of houses resembling igloos – only ten to twelve times larger. Every single house had a vegetable patch outside. There was plenty of wildlife including small birds, frogs, fish, bees; along with thousands of cats and dogs.

Then there were the people themselves. All different kinds there were. There were people with red hair, black hair, blonde hair, brown hair, dark skin and many others. They wore things like shorts, trousers, dresses, shirts, robes. All their clothing was either pale coloured, shiny, or technicoloured. There was no negativity, no fighting, no arguments, nothing. It was plain tranquillity.

All different kinds of things the people were doing. They were tending their vegetable patches, dancing, singing, playing woodwind instruments, stringed instruments and drums, walking dogs, picking fruit, meditating and drawing water from wells.

Children were playing hide and seek in the trees, playing with cats and dogs and playing on swings, slides, climbing frames, rocking horses, and roundabouts in parks.

After some while, Venus and myself crossed a majestic ornate bridge to the second ring of land. Plenty of ducks, geese and swans were swimming on the moat and people were paddling about in typical small rowing boats.

The second ring of land was just as wonderful as the outer one. There was more vegetation, gardens, parks, wide walkways of gold, lakes teeming with life, fountains and much more.

There was plenty of wildlife, especially small birds and thousands of people were going about.

Then there were the buildings, which came in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some were shaped like thimbles, some like pepper pots, some like bedposts, some like the top halves of eggs, some tall and spirally, some wide and round with domed roofs, some tall and cylindrical with domed roofs, some like enormous igloos and some were different shaped domes. People were going in and out of them through entrances shaped like hexagons, triangles, pentagons, octagons and semicircles.

After a while, Venus and myself crossed a bridge to the third ring. More ducks, geese and swans were swimming about and people were rowing.

There were no buildings on the innermost ring of land. It was all grass areas, trees, parks, lakes and gardens. There were animal statues, fountains, fruit trees, flowers, groves, play areas for kids, chlorine free swimming pools and plenty more.

Wildlife existed everywhere. There were insects, small birds, squirrels, mice, doves, pigeons and many other kinds. Many people were there too. Children were playing, bands were playing golden instruments in bandstands, others were walking dogs and so on. While there, I had some apples.

After a while, Venus and myself crossed a third bridge, which was just as majestic as the last two, to reach the central island. More ducks, swans and geese were swimming on the inner moat and people were rowing about.

The crystal in the centre of the island was surrounded by a ring of twenty enormous fountains, with doves perched all around the edges. There were a good many people there too.

After a while, myself and Venus headed all the way back to the hover vehicle and left Shamballa.

Visiting Shamballa was only the beginning of my adventure in Agartha and a fantastic beginning it had been too.

Venus flew the vehicle very quickly out across the concave sea for three to four thousand miles, all the way to the far shore. The shore was lined with very long beaches, high sand dunes and huge shining cliffs rising up to meet the slopes of mountainous tree-clad hills. Beyond that point it was just hills after hills for many miles, all covered with trees, except for exposed cliffs. Many birds were flying about and other hover vehicles every now and then.

After travelling over fifty miles, Venus flew the vehicle out over a mighty area of bushland – resembling that of Africa. All the familiar animals were there. There were lions, elephants, giraffes, leopards, zebra, the lot.

At one point, Venus touched down just outside a ring of fifteen, round wooden huts with thatched roofs. Within the ring, there were three to four dozen people including children, most of whom were dancing round a fire in the centre.

The people had dark skin and were wearing clothes worn in the bushland regions of Africa. Those not dancing were sitting on stool outside the huts either playing drums, playing woodwind instruments, eating fruit, or peeling potatoes. One was even stirring a pot of soup.

For a while, myself and Venus spent time with the people, taking part in the entertainment, eating and conversing with the people.

When the visit was over, the adventure continued. The great plain went on for hundreds of miles, all the way to the foot of a mighty range of high mountains resembling the Himalayas in many ways. The lower foothills were covered with vegetation, settlements were dotted here and there, lakes lay scattered about, rivers snaked down through enormous, steep-sided gorges and waterfalls cascaded into great misty abysses. The upper foothills were bare and rugged with no trees on their slopes. Then there were the mighty peaks themselves. Like the Himalayas, they rose up like huge fangs, all sheer, but there was neither snow nor ice on them. They were all grey and shiny with great veins of silver running through them.

Venus touched down in a small village of round stone houses with thatched roofs, inhabited by Sherpa-like people. The inhabitants were living the lives of Sherpas, except for the fact that they didn’t go on climbing expeditions. While at the village, myself and Venus joined in with dancing and singing, which is something the people excelled in. It was then time to continue.

When the mountains were behind, Venus turned right slightly and headed over a vast area of tree land resembling the Amazon rainforest. There were plenty of birds about and a hover vehicle every now and then. At one point, Venus touched down in a ring-shaped settlement of round wooden log huts with cone-shaped roofs.

The inhabitants there had dark skin with a touch of copper, long dark frizzly hair and white facial markings. They wore no more than cloths round their waists. Like the mountain and bushland inhabitants, they had their own style of dancing and music. People were sitting round eating fruit and playing drums and pipes, children included. For a while, Venus and myself joined in with the entertainment and spoke with the people. After that they left.

So the journey continued for many hundreds of miles to the other side of the vast area of tree land.

Beyond that point, there was an immense sea of jade coloured grass with a number of lakes scattered about. As Venus flew out across the grass land, I saw many thousands of wild cows and horses, ducks, geese and swans, but there were no people about.

On the far side of the grass sea, there was another range of mountains. Like in the previous two ranges, the foothills were clad in trees and the steep-sided peaks were free of snow and ice. Immense waterfalls plunged into huge, misty cauldrons, rivers wound their way through huge valleys, settlements lay scattered about, lakes dotted the place, cave openings gaped wide and bands of gold streaked through the mighty beige mountain slopes.

Venus landed the craft outside an opening in a hillside. The opening was very large, about forty feet wide and fifty feet high. I went into the hillside with my guide and headed along a fairly well-lit passage.

After about three hundred metres, the passage opened right out into a tremendous cavern all lit up by stupendous luminous pink crystals hundreds of feet in length. The cavern was over a mile across in all directions and over half a mile in height. Crystals covered the walls, the ceiling and the floor and two far larger openings led off to other areas, most likely other caverns. Venus told me that was so.

The pair of us walked round quite a bit before returning to the vehicle.

The next stage of the adventure turned out to be most peculiar. Venus landed the vehicle by a small lake in the same mountain range as the crystal cavern. It was then that I saw it – a display of wildlife.

To begin with there appeared out of the trees on the other side of the lake, a pack of twenty wolves. The magnificent animals approached the lake and began to drink away. To the right, thirty silver deer appeared. Like the wolves they approached the lake to take their fill. To the left, fifty grizzly bears appeared. Like the wolves and the deer they approached the lake to take their share. Then sixty wild boars appeared behind Hayley and her guide. Like the wolves, the deer and the bears they approached the lake to take on water. The animals then began to head back into the trees. First the wolves, then the deer, then the bears and finally the boars. After that thousands of ducks, geese and swans came down to the lake.

Now that it was all over the adventure went on. Venus flew the vehicle out of the mountains, then across an area of tree-clad hilly terrain for a good few hundred miles. Huge lakes lay scattered about and small settlements of crystal were dotted here and there. As usual there were countless birds flocking about and a few hover vehicles.

Venus approached a plateau, which had a vast, gleaming white building on top, surrounded by formal gardens and vegetation. The building was square in shape with enormous walls, rounded corners and a huge flat dome on top. It was about half a mile wide in diameter.

Venus touched down on an immense landing pad of white marble with thousands of hover vehicles on top. She then left the landing pad with me and headed along a very wide white marble walkway towards the mighty building of marble. Many other people were going back and forth along the walkway and through the flower gardens on either side.

When we reached the building, we climbed a very wide flight of steps to a huge pyramid-shaped opening with (THE LIBRARY OF PORTHOLOGOS) engraved above it in large gold letters. And then, we entered.

The interior of the building took my breath away. It was like no other library, which I had ever seen. Before me, there was a very wide walkway with luminous crystals and multicoloured fountains dotted about.

People of all different kinds were sitting on marble stools round large marble tables, studying emerald tablets.

On either side, there were rows upon rows of countless emerald tablets placed on very long marble shelves and other walkways branched off. Then there were the large, luminous, multicoloured crystals embedded high above in the dome. The crystals lit up the place in a multicoloured pastel hue.

More people were either walking around, or removing or replacing tablets from the shelves. They were using some kind of advanced levitation technology to gain access to the higher shelves – the same kind of levitation skills used by the Jedi. Venus informed me that the library contained the entire knowledge of the Milky Way.

As we began to walk along the walkway, I looked into all the side passages, which were less wide.

More people were either walking about, or working. Like in the main passage, there were luminous crystals and multicoloured fountains.

After some distance, the main walkway came to an end. Beyond that point, there was a vast open square – five hundred feet across, with three more very wide walkways branching off – one to the right, one to the left and one directly opposite.

Within the square, there was an enormous hologram of the Milky Way, four hundred feet across. The hologram was tilted at an angle of thirty degrees and a small luminous green spot pointed the location of the Earth’s position. Many people were going in and out of the great passages and right in the centre of the square, there was a small holographic deck projecting the galaxy. It was a stunning sight to behold.

Venus and myself walked around the mega hologram, then headed all the way back out of the library. Once outside we went back to the hover vehicle and left the plateau.

On and on the journey went, over many more miles of the same kind of terrain, all the way to a coastline. Beyond that point there was another ocean.

Out to sea Venus flew. I caught glimpses of whales and dolphins. At one point, an island came into view. It had grey cliffs rising straight up out of the water, a few tree-covered hills, each no more than five hundred feet high and what appeared to be a small sparkling white pyramid on the highest point.

Venus flew the craft to the highest point and touched down outside the pyramid. She then got out of the vehicle with me and walked right up to the pyramid, which was roughly twenty feet both in height and width and was made of marble.

There was a small emerald crystal embedded in the pyramid. Venus touched it and a seven-foot-high opening appeared out of nowhere, revealing a brightly lit chamber within.

I followed Venus into the chamber, which was pyramidal in shape with a metre-wide platform in the centre of the floor and a four-foot wide, bright crystal orb, positioned ten feet above in mid-air.

Venus told me that the pyramid was one of thousands of portals scattered all over the Hollow Earth, each leading to the outer world. I instantly knew what that meant. My underground adventure was at an end.

I embraced and thanked Venus who told her to stand on the platform. I stood on the platform, wondering what was going to happen.

Immediately, the crystal orb glowed far brighter and I vanished in a flash. When I reappeared, I found myself back in the crater of Mount Sneffels.

Author Notes: My adventure is based on the legendary Arne Saknussemm. As for the Hollow Earth, it is a well known subject.

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