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The heartbeats

The heartbeats

By Ayue - 1 Review

My name is Elsa. Im a beautiful and kind girl. Beautiful.?  Am i? Yah. I just cannot wait for my 15 birthday. I imagine that will be the happy day. My mom told me, that she will surprised me. I love surprised. And i cannot wait that! 
         "Elsa! Wake up dear!do you dont want to go to church today?if not, God will punished you." Oh no! I dont want anyone punished me today. I woke thus rushed to the bathroom and take my bath. I was down the stairs and take my handbag . I opened the car door and get into the car. Arriving in church, i take my seat. I pray to God, that God will always protected my mother and gave her strength to leading her life. And i wants to make her proud of me.
          Day by day have passed. I always keep asking my mom, "mom? When i become 15years old, what should you give to me?" But my mom answered shortly as the ciggarette butt" its too much time left dear".today is the day that much anticipated by me. Now, i am 15years old. Im very happy,that God love me and gave me a new lease,and gave me strength to face all that challenges comes. I ran to my mom and hugged her, "mom? Today is my birthday,are you remember?" My mom kissed me and said "dear, i remember, sorry, i can't give anything to you.but i promised, that one day, i will give to you what that you need" haa? What did i need? What kind of this? Oh please. I smiled to my mom and keep asking on my mind, what that i need??
             My head felt dizzy. When i woke up,i realize that i lying on my bed and i see someone who looks likes a doctor. "Mom? Whats happening?" "You was faint." Only faint? But why my mom so restless? The doctor out of my room and go to hospital. 
             2months has passed. I still lying on my bed. I went out when i heard my mom talked with doctor. "She is suffer heart cancer. She need to operate immediately.if will lose her" i felt that time was stood still. And now i know, why i am like a fool lying on the hospital's bed without any pain that i feel. My mom see me cry,and she guess i know. " mom? Am i could die?" My mom answered me with the tears rolled on her face. "No. God will save you."
           I knew that next week, i will do the operation. Someone who willing want to donated their heart. When i woke up, i knew that my heart was changed. I looking up for my mom, where is she? My dad hugged me tightly and take me home. Arriving at home, i entered my room. I keep asking myself, where is my mom?
         I saw a card that pink in coloured. And that sounded like this.
Dear Elsa,my lovely daughter,
I know that now, you are very happy. I love you dear. And now, you will never feel the pain again. Just feel every beats that. I have donated my heart to you. When you keep asking me, what that i will give you for your 15years old present, and here is the answered. Thats what you need.a heart.My heart only for you. Ilove you. Keep in touch, mama.
I felt like sinking into the bottomless pit. I cried and cried. Why should you? Why not me?!! My dad hugged. "Why must now? I didnt make her happy. I love her dad! 
          2years has passed. And my SPM results was straight A' now, i am very happy, that i know, my mom proud of me,i keep feel the heartbeats that beats every second, every beats that is, i miss her!

Author Notes: If you love your mom, just rate it. Then, i pray for u, that God will always be wth your mom, amen(: GBU.

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30 Apr, 2014
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3 mins
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