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My last day seeing you

My last day seeing you

By Cowgirl2011

I had a cousin named Brandon He died when i was 6 he was also 6. I went to his house everyday cause his mom babysitt me and my sisters. Brandon loved digging and playing in the sand so he had a sand hill. One day we drove there and i saw him playing in the puddle getting some water in a bucket for his sand hole. I was like be right there brandon he said ok.I go inside to put my stuff in there. I come out and go to the sand hill and brandon was digging at least thts what i thought but then i didnt see him moving so i got scared and tried pulling him out i tried and culdnt get him so i ran ran ran so fast i culd hardl breathe to get his mom crissy. I go in there Brandons stuck Brandons stuck shes like what do you mean he is stuck in his hole he dug i said she got up and ran she culdnt get him out i was crying so were my sisters she screamed go get woody (brandons stepdad) So i ran and got him woody said dial 911 we did he dug him out and brandon was pronounced dead at the hospital later tht evening. Brandons mom was pregnant with a a girl he told her to name her lily so she did. Brandon you now have 2 sisters and 1 brother who miss you i love you and miss you. I remember we use to see who culd jump the farthest off the swings we took care of the baby birds in the barn we played with cars watch wizards of oz and where the red fern grows everyday i miss that when its my time brandon i want to do all them things agn. I remember we named a cat socks cuz it foot broke so we put ur baby brohters socks on it. I remember that big dog pillow tht you slept with every night. I remember your mom always video us. Your mom moved out of tht house to antigo now is moving back to sugar bush Tomrow.I read your moms diary the messages she writes to you i watch those videos eveyrtime i go to your house they make me cry i cry all the time cuz u were one of the best cousins ever Well this is to you Brandon love ya. <3

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10 Dec, 2011
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2 mins
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