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my last days

my last days

By becky15

They said that theft is the absolute law you could have broken to discourtesy the L.O.T.N.W –Leaders of the new world- because it would remind us of the havoc we left behind.

My first day of not swallowing the law was excruciating in many ways, however I had done what was needed to be done in order to ignite the fire of rebellion for us to snatch back our old life.

As my dreams and nightmares started to intrude the darkness that was my mind, I began to feel the indents of the damp, rotting walls close in. My breathing started to slow and my eyes had begun to see darkness in every corner I placed my eyes upon. My Heart was slamming faster against my chest as my body was still on my sofa, I was laying there un-moving for what I thought were hours but were in fact minutes when I realised I had been breathing in stagnant odours of the water pipes. I can feel my brain growing and pulsing as it banged and knocked against my skull. I clutched my head with cold, numb fingers as if I thought it would help me relieve my infectious pain.

As quickly as it came, my un-bearable, painful thumping had vanquished its self from my head. I looked up and it was like I saw the world for what it truly was; disgusting, soul-less and morally corrupted. Black infuriating clouds prowled the forgotten sky like they were hunting a dry patch of land. Tall, intimidating, peeling buildings were towered over me.

My centre of work had been as damned as the rest of the spiteful world. There was no say in anything we had to do; it was either do-it-or-die, it also doesn't matter what occupation you happen to be either they pay you the exact same amount as a sewer rat! I had to work endlessly day and night, hour after hour, year after year in conditions that wouldn't have even been at a pauper's standard.

A new dawn is a new day was what a wise man once said but for me a new dawn was just another obstacle to overcome. It has been a little over a week since I plucked up enough self-control to break another forbidden law. Repudiating our most absolute law was one of many I had broken, but theft was a covenant we all had to commit to, and it was for that reason that I had to be the first of many seditionists to go against that covenant. I was cinched on my reason for breaking their hold on me for a second time, so instead of stalling myself even longer I had left my room like any other day; sauntered the cold like stone pavement; to find myself stood like a statue outside the "God" building. They named this infamous structure God because they would look over everyone.

Inside God everything was a blinding white, except for the hint of chrome in the marble floor. There had been a rich, royal purple path imprinted and merged with the fancy flooring. A silver desk had been perfectly positioned in the far right of the flawless foyer, behind the desk two rows of five small screens had been fitted into the wall; all screens had live recordings of colourless detail. I strolled over behind the desk and investigated the collection of tapes that were labelled by what they showed; I scanned for tapes that read "Government Meetings" in order to find something remotely scandalous. I had searched the mountain of tapes for thirty horrifying minutes before I came across what I had been looking for, "Government meeting issue 07".

I had scurried like a rat back to my wretched home avoiding unwanted attention. I had approached my front door like I normally had, after I entered my dank, crippled, crumbling house I pushed the tape into the static, 1960 styled TV and I had stared at the square screen and watched every lie, every broken promise and every sickening word they poured from their smug mouths.

Hours had passed by slowly after I choked on all the hope-crushing sentences and lies that they had spat from their dishonest mouths. I had sat bemused and still as I felt my heart sink into my stomach, it had took me ten minutes to realise that they would be hunting me, but I didn't care, I didn't care about hope either.

They had turned my door into nothing more than fragments of rotting splinters as they piled into my home. It was as though life had been put into slow motion because as I blinked darkness had been closing in on me quicker and quicker. It felt like forever before I had been greeted with empty, blank nothingness and I could sense that even though I was hopelessly travelling into darkness, I couldn't be in a place brighter than this.

I had felt the damp, clean air. I was waking up. The pain that I had felt days ago had undoubtedly returned, I tried to suppress the thumping and banging however as I went to raise my hands an unfamiliar texture was restraining them. I screamed and the small enclosed room had echoed with my pain-filled voice; nothing was going to stop this torture.

As I calmed I looked for where I was, immaculately clean walls had surrounded me, and a bluish green carpet was placed for the flooring which had the distinct stench of bleach and metal, as my eyes wandered below I caught the colour of the ashen grey chair I was bound to, on the arm of the chair there was a light pink patch which had been cleaned thoroughly to not seem conspicuous. As I took a calm and slow breath the door opened slowly behind me and a cluster of footsteps filled the spacious room. The voices that followed the heavy footsteps had spoken ever so softly to each other. The silhouette voices carried themselves to the front of me and had given me grim grins as I asked them why I was here, although I knew the answer and the how this would all end I still needed to ask. I gulped harshly and took my fate as though it were handed to me on a silver platter. Permanent black nothing is my fate. Or is it?

Author Notes: please comment on it or like it please I might write the next part

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26 Oct, 2013
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