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My Last Note

My Last Note

By Ghost - 1 Review

Dear Reader,
I've been battling depression
ever since rushing to the hospital
just to lose my mother to a tumor last November

Now I tried filling the void with humor
never seemed to work though
always made me cry more
Eventually got passed to a therapist
sorry but since when does explaining these personal issues to a stranger alleivate the pain
just serves to aggravate my symptoms not abate them
especially if you hate being around other people

Yeah it seems being a recluse doesn't help much with depression
Feel like I need a button that I can be pressing labled "FORGET ISSUES A.S.A.P!!"
Well if that existed we would be a happier race
of course it doesn't though so i have sought aid in the bottoms of bottles and addictions
smash drunk every other night
walking the line of conciouness with meth on the weekends
I had started carving my skin with a knife
made several crosses over my main veins
training for when I lose it I guess
and by now my life has been slowly fading and degrading to dust and ashes it felt like

well if your still reading thank you
seems you could at least spare a few moments
unlike others even when the signs were litterally written on me
both in blood and scar tissues

Now I've brought you up to speed on the past 6 months and my issues
what i've been feeling to a degree
and the actions I've taken
This note i hope you can pass on to my kin
as these last lines are being written
with my life slipping down the drain
mixed with my blood and tears
I've torn open my arteries you see
just waiting to bleed out
wondering if suicide was the right choice...

Author Notes: Reviews are always welcome no matter how critical they may be.

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About This Story
25 May, 2018
Read Time
1 min
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