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my last word to you

my last word to you

By zmansister

On the 13 of a april my dad had to go to war. the most part i was upset about was it was on my birthday and i didnt want him to go. When i woke up my mom and dad were fighting and my mom was crying then my dad came into my room and told me he had to go to war i started to cry and scream and telling him i didnt want him to go but he said "i have to go" and i begged him not to go he said "its to support the family" at that time my mom was outta work and she had MS. When he started to pack my mom was sitting there trying too pull him back to her and tell him not to go but he just ignored her. When my dad was walking to the door i told him "I HATE YOU" then my mom and me started to cry and he left.

2 weeks later a man came to the door and told me my father had died from a gun shot and i broke down and started to cry but by then my mom didnt care and got a new boyfriend (wich i was pissed at her for) i was wishing that i could say one more thing to him because the last thing i said to him was i hate you and i've regreted it ever sence.

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4 Mar, 2012
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