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My Life

My Life

By rsjs7

It all started with a phone call to my boyfriend.

Eric: Hey.
Me: Hey.
Eric: What's up?
Me: Oh nothing really just listening to christmas music, you?
Eric: Just got back from the doctors.
Me: Oh, how'd that go?
Eric:It was alright (saying in a monotone voice).
Me: It doesn't sound like it.
Eric: No, I'm fine. Trust me.
Me: Eric, I know when you're lying to me. Just tell me what's going on.
Eric: I don't want to talk about it Ashley.
Me: Please tell me. I need to know if you're okay.
Eric: I have to go. I'll talk to you later. Love you. Bye.
Me: Love you too. Bye.

I want to know what's going on with Eric. He didn't sound okay. I wonder if he's alright. I'll call Tom. I bet he knows what's going on with him.

*The phone rings.*
Tom: Hello.
Me: Hey Tom. It's Ashley. I have a question for you.
Tom: Yeah. What is it?
Me: Is there something going on with Eric?
Tom: Yeah, but I'm not suppose to tell anyone.
Me: Tom, I'm his girlfriend. Just tell me.
Tom: Alright. Fine. You're not going to want to here this though. He's over at Jenna's house.
Me: Um...Why is he over there?
Tom: Lately they've been seeing each other after school.
Me: But Eric has basketball practice after school?
Tom: Ashley, Eric doesn't play basketball.
Me: He lied to me? Why would he do that?
Tom: Probably so you wouldn't find out that everyday after school they're having sex.
Me: They're having sex?! I thought you said they were just seeing each other?
Tom: Well when I said that I basically meant they're having sex every day.
Me: Well I'm glad I know now.
Tom: Yeah. I'm sorry Ashley. I'm sorry I didn't tall you sooner.
Me: It's okay, but he's the one that's been lying and cheating.
Tom: Well you know you what you have to do.
Me: I know.
Tom: Well, good luck with that, but I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow at school. Bye
Me: See you later.

That boy is so dead to me. He's lucky I dont cut off his god damn p**** and shove it up his a**.

*The phone rings.*
Eric: Hello?
Me: So how's Jenna?
Eric: How do you know about that?
Me: It doesn't matter, but what does matter is why you're doing this.
Eric: I-I-I...*Jenna hold on! I'm on the phone.* I'm sorry Ashley. I love you. I really do.
Me: Then why'd you do it?!
Eric: I did it because I love Jenna too. She's always been there for me.
Me: So have I, and this is what I get in return?! This is ridiculous! We're done! I can't handle this.
Eric: So I'm guessing you never want to talk to me again?
Me: Not now, but I will eventually.
Eric: So do you want e to give you time to cool off?
Me: Yes. A lot of time.
Eric: Ashley, I'm sorry. You know I am.
Me: I have to go. Bye.
Eric: Bye. I love you...

I didn't say it back. I was so angry with him. How could he do this to me? And with Jenna? She's not even attractive! At first I thought he was going to say he had a disease that's going to kill him eventually, but no he cheated on me. Not that I'd rather him have a disease, but I'm just pissed right now.

*Two Weeks Later.*

Tonight is the winter formal for my school. I'm not going with anyone. Obviously my two least favorite people in the world are going together. Of course. My life just sucks a** right now.

I wonder if Eric's going to try talking to me or dancing with me, but that doesn't matter right now. I need to focus on getting ready for the dance. I'm wearing a black strapless mini dress. It has black sequences underneath where your breasts are suppose to be. I'm curling my long dirty blonde hair in loose curls. Also I'm wearing five inch black sequence closed-toed heels. I have a feeling the tonight is going to be absolutley amazing. All I need to do is stay away from Eric and just forget about him. My friend Emily is coming to pick me up any minute thought to go to the dance, but we're not just going in some car, we're going in a limo. So yeah, we're going in style.

A horn beeps outside of my house. It had to be Emily. I grabbed my coat and my purse, and I walked out the door. There it was sitting in my driveway. A long slick, classic black limo. We had wanted a white limo, but black was a better idea because it would have just blended in with the snow. The back door opened. Julianna hopped out in a short red dress. She looked stunning, with her tan skin, straight dark brown hair, and beautiful green eyes.

Emily: Are you ready to go?
Me: Yes, I am, and can I just say we both look hot? (I laughed.)
Emily: Yes you can (she smiled).

We both just smilled t each other, and then got into the limo. The driver brought us to the school.

When we got there the driver got out of the car and opened the door for us. We both got out of the limo. Everyone starred at us. Maybe it was because we got out of a limo or we just looked good. I guess I just won't know. Before I walked into the building I saw Eric and Jenna get out of a car. He just looked at me in awe. Both me and Emily handed our tickets to the ticket collectors and then went and put our coats and purses away in the cafeteria. Then, we walked into the gym. Everyone was either grinding hard core or just standing aroung looking miserable. I went over to t group of friends and started dancing with them.

I felt someone come up behind me. They put their hands on my hips. I turned around to see who it was, and of course, it was Eric.

To be continued....

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15 Dec, 2011
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