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My Little Dolly

My Little Dolly

By Deadlydolly

"Annabelle, Annabelle sweetie were are you?" Annabelle's mother was calling her from the kitchen. "COMING MOM!" shouted Annabelle. She slid down the railing of her stairs, almost slipping. "Be careful, what did I tell you about that Annabelle?"her mother said. "Sorry Ma, can't help it."she said. She was so excited. She had saved up all her money to get a wonderful new doll. Her pink curled hair, her green eyes, and that red spotted gown and shoes. She wrote a note to her father(he was at work), and grabbed her mom, then left.

When they got to the thrift shop, Annabelle ran out of the car and straight to were the doll was. She looked all over the shelves, but it wasn't there anymore.Her mom knew she was sad, so she said,"Why don't we get a different doll? How's that sound?" "I don't know..."Annabelle said. "Fun-ish..." Annabelle's mother searched the shelves for a nice doll. "Here we go!" she said, as she pulled out a doll with bright pink and blue hair, a black, pink and blue dress, and pink and blue boots. Annabelle's face lit up with excitement and she squealed while taking the doll into her hands,"THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" They took the doll up to the store clerk, and bought the doll. On the drive home, Annabelle talked with the doll. "Your name will be... Sweetie Taff." Her mother turned on the radio and turned it up. They both sang and had fun, for those five minutes in the car.

When Annabelle got into her pajamas, she put Sweetie Taff to bed. When she finally fell asleep, she had a strange dream. Sweetie Taff was louring children into a strange building. Annabelle twisted and turned in her sleep, as Sweetie Taff watched her. In the dream, Sweetie Taff killed the children in the back room of the building. She sang a quite peculiar song while doing so,"When candy starts tasting sour, just lay off it for an hour. Maybe then you'll feel much better, or maybe you'll just DIE!" When she said the last word, she looked at Annabelle with her pink and blue eyes.

Annabelle woke to a jolt and squealed a little. She ran to Sweetie Taff, and picked her up. She set her don, made a shoe box bed for her, and placed Sweetie Taff into the box-bed. She put the lid on it, and sighed. "It was just a dream... just a dream..." She went back to sleep and woke up at around 7:30 A.M. She got into her school uniform, piked up Sweetie Taff, and ran down stairs. "Hi mom! Hi- mom? Where's daddy?" she asked her mom. Her mother didn't look quite right. She was paler, and more tired looking. "He..."she started crying. "Mom? Is Daddy OK?" she comforted her mother. "He's, very sick." she croaked. Annabelle grabbed her backpack, and told her mother,"Mom, I gotta go. Are you gonna be OK?" "I-I'll be alright."she said. Then Annabelle got on the bus, and went to school.

"MOM! I'M HOOOOOME!" Annabelle shouted as she walked inside. "MOM? DADDY? ARE YOU HERE?" She found a note on the table. "Gone to hospital to check on Daddy. Be back soon-Mom" She set Sweetie Taff on the table and got a sand witch. She sat down on the couch, and watched anime all night. Then, she drifted off to sleep.

She woke into the same dream as before. Sweetie Taff louring children then killing them. She sang the same song, but completely ignored Annabelle. She put the children's remains into a big machine. Candy stated shooting out. Sweetie started singing again. "Load them up, ship them out, just like making those candy spouts. Eat them up, gulp them down, you'll never noticed, how, they, DROWNED." Sweetie twitched like a mad man, and said over and over..."YOU'RE NEXT! YOU'RE NEXT! YOU'RE NEXT! YOU'RE NEXT!" Annabelle awoke with a scream, and cried a little.Her mom ran down stairs and comforted her. "Maybe it was a warning..." her mom whispered under her breath.

This continued for night, and nights. The same thing happening, over, and over again. Annabelle was slipping, she just knew it. Her dad passed away from the sickness, her mom was so depressed, she never left her room, and Annabelle was always pacing the house, ranting to herself about how all the dreams connected. When she fell asleep that night, Sweetie Taff was no longer in her dreams. It was just darkness. In the real world, Sweetie Taff went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and slowly went upstairs. She opened the mother's door. It creaked as she walked in, getting taller, and taller. She was about 7 ft 5 after she stopped growing. Her doll joints disappeared, and she looked like a normal girl, a normal, crazy, psychotic girl.

She stabbed the mom repeatedly before taking her fingers. Then she bolted downstairs to the living room, were Annabelle was sleeping. She stabbed her twice, and put her in a burlap sack. While Sweetie Taff was walking, she talked to Annabelle, who was screaming and crying. "Ya know, you should a bought that doll you wanted. She was behind me..."then she laughed like a maniac. When they finally reached there destination, she dumped out Annabelle onto the cold stone flooring of what looked like a candy factory. "Why..."Annabelle cried. "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?! WHAT DID I DO WRONG?!" Sweetie laughed as she stabbed her legs. Annabelle screamed. "You trusted me silly! HAHAHAHAHA!" With a final blow, Annabelle died. She placed her limp, bloody body on the converter belt, and made her into all the skittles of the world.


Author Notes: Sweetie Taff's Song-
"When candy starts tasting sour, just lay off it for an hour. Maybe then you'll feel much better, or maybe you'll just DIE! Load them up, ship them out, just like making those candy spouts. Eat them up, Gulp them down, You'll never noticed how they all DROWNED. So learn your lessons quickly, and remember them for sure. Otherwise you'll be so lonely and end up JUST LIKE ME" -Sweetie Taff

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20 Nov, 2015
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