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My little fantasy...

My little fantasy...

By Jaggergum

Milly sat up in bed, He hair sticking up wildly. She oh so wanted to go out on halloween tonight but her parents had said no. Milly bought a bag anyway just incase they changed their mind's. Milly asked her father to buy her a halloween costume. 'Why milly?' he asked and milly responded with a 'Uh...Its for a drama role at school,dad' and milly got what she wanted of course because her dad was so Gullible. At night my parents went to bed so early i could go out to see halloween. My mask was so warm it felt like it was my own skin. I wanted to take it off for the moment....I felt down my neck but there was no line. This ugly revolting mask had turned into my own face, Its gnashing jaws instead of my pearly white teeth. I started to cry but only wails of mis-fortune came out but from that day on i started killing everyone by biting their heads off. Soon the world was a scrap of an old newspaper. From the time everyone was dead i wished i had listened to my Mother.

(The point of this story is, Listen to your parents because its only for your safety)

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31 Jan, 2012
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1 min
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