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My Little Mother
My Little Mother

My Little Mother

Legolas_GreenleafCharlie Cerberus
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As soon as I came into the world she loved me.

And I grew up to love her too.

She helped me walk.

She taught me to talk.

"My Little Sweetie" she gawked.

And because I was her little so she was mine.

My little mother and I.

Yes, I got into trouble.

I screamed all the way to mammoth, and back.

And I turned all her plates into rubble.

And I hit my sisters, WHACK!

And yet when she held me, it was trouble I lacked.

My little mother and I.

And so I say "I love you".

And she says "I love you too"

And we hug and we love, all the way to Timbuktu.

Though I broke her chandelier (don't ask me how I did it)...

And I am a drama queen, ( I don't like to admit it )

Still, she holds me close and kisses my eyes, all because

We're 'My little mother and I'.

Author Notes: I named this poem "My Little Mother" because that's what I called my mom when I was little.

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About The Author
Charlie Cerberus
About This Story
11 May, 2020
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<1 min

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