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My love between you. My dream comes true.

My love between you. My dream comes true.

By Eminem123

Have I swear that I even loved him? This is the first story. After several years, I was out with my friend, Anna. Just as we arrived there. She would go to the school dorm. Our first day of school. I could just look up on the sun. When someone knocked on my head. I should have guess.

Him: Oops! Sorry.

Me: It's okay. By the way, you look new here. What's your name?

Him: Brian.

Me: Kaycee.

Him: Oh! It's going to be late! Bye!

Me: Bye.

I was in love with him. I just don't know what I did. Because he looked upset at me. After several days, I found him with the girl. She looks new. Too. I go near him to say hi.

Me: Hi Brian! Nice to meet you.

Brian: Hi Kaycee! This is Rachel, my girlfriend.

Me:Hi Rachel! Good to see you!

Rachel: Hello.....Hmph!

Me: Uh..Brian, I should go. Bye!

Brian: Bye.

I had knew that Rachel was too selfish. For the next day, she was taking to many faults. But why her? Why Rachel? Could I be his girlfriend? Even when we are friends. I couldn't know that thing. Never.Even can't remember the secret of Brian. When Brian come near to me without Rachel, I just look with my mad face.

Brian: Um, hi. Kaycee. I'm looking for you. Whatcha doin'?

Me: Later we will talk. I'm busy.

I just ran away from him. I was too shy to meet with him. The next day. The few hours I waited to him. I just waited from him. So..So..So..So....long. I just called him on the phone. He answered.

Me: Brian? Why are you taking too long? I was just waiting from you.

Brian: I was with Rachel at my car. This traffic was too long to go there.

Me: Hmph! I will go there immediately!

Brian: No! Just stay there I will be the.....

Me: Brian? Hello? Hello! Brian!?!?!

I ran there. Really fast. When I arrived there, I saw Brian lying to the road. I come near him and I know his still breathing. But this blood was scattering. I even bring Rachel and Brian in the hospital. I just stayed outside the room.

Me: Is they alright?

Doctor: Yes. For the next 2 weeks they'll be out here.

2 weeks? No!! I won't like it. So I just stayed at the school dorm thinking at him. I cried. Too long. Tears rolled on my cheeks. Then I bumped my nose on the wall. Everyone laughed. I know Brian will not do this. I ran back at the dorm again. Again I looked at his pictures on my camera. The next day, I came from visiting him. I saw him he was awake.

Me: Brian, are you okay?

Brian: Yes.

Me: Well, I...

Brian: What were you saying?

Me: Well, I love you. I just get this way because you are charming like a prince. :,)

Tears rolled at my eyes.

Brian: I love you too.

Me: Me? You really do? What about Rachel?

Brian: I just broke up at her at the car.

Me: You see, I know what you mean.

I touched his hand. Then he closed his eyes. I kissed him on the cheeks.

Me: Sweet dreams, Honey.

The next 2 weeks, he was available to go out to the hospital. I just waited him out there. Again he was again with Rachel.

Me: Rachel, what are you thinking what your doing?

Rachel: What? He's mine!

Me: No. His mine. Now.

Rachel: His mine! Really mine!

Me: But today his mine.

Rachel: Grrrr.......

I grabbed Brian's hand go walk away. Leaving her behind. I take Brian at the sunset. Where we always dream for.

Me: Do you really like me?

Brian: Yes.

We go chasing from the very shallow water. Trying to chase me. I really like my dream.

You see, I got this dream last Saturday. Where I was in love. Can I have been sleeping for long? I woke up at 4:30. Now that Monday, it comes true. I just tell you my true story not the dream.
To know if I could do this dream for again. Only from Saturday.

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13 Jul, 2011

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