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My Love for You: Chapter Seven
My Love for You: Chapter Seven

My Love for You: Chapter Seven


"Maw-maw!" Ina exclaims, and I chuckle.

"Yes, baby?" I pick her up.

"Where Papa?"

"Papa isn't here, baby," I say sadly. I know she is talking about Brett, not Cody.

"Oh.." she says sorrowfully.

"He is watching you up above though, hun," I say and tickle her, causing her to giggle.

"Okay, Maw-maw," I set her back on the floor and she crawls over to her toys.

The third-floor door opens and I turn to see Cody walk in.

"Hey, babe," I say and turn back to my drawing I was working on.

Cody leans over my shoulder and kisses my cheek before looking at the drawing.

"Who's that?"

"Brett," I answer calmly. "I always did drawings of him in class and when I had free time. He drew me a lot, too, and sometimes mailed pictures of the drawings to me." I gesture to the framed drawings on the wall behind me, and he walks over to them.

"So you were like each other's muses?"

"You could say that." I laugh.

I open the drawer beside me and pull a box out. "These are drawings he did based on photos he took," I tell him and open the box for him to look at them.

"And... done!" I exclaim and do one simple glide of the pencil to mark my signature on the edge of the drawing. "Gotta frame it and send it to the beach house. Gregory will set it on the wall." I say happily.

"Wait, beach house?"

"Yep, Brett bought me a beach house for some reason and said I could use it for anything. I told him I wanted all the drawings we did framed and hung on the walls."

"Wanna see your daddy, Ina?" I ask and she crawls over to me.

"Ya!" she says and I pick her up and set her in my lap.

"This is your Papa." I say and show her the picture while she giggles happily.

"Papa!" She yells and I laugh.

"Shoot- what time is it, Cody?" I ask and search for my phone.

"It's eight." Cody says and hands me my phone.

"Shit shit shit shit." I bustle around the room picking up everything I need for school.

Cody grabs my jacket and I shrug it on and run down the steps with my backpack strung on one shoulder and Ina propped on my hips while I was holding onto my car keys for dear life.

I run to my car and put Ina in the backseat and buckle her up, then hop into the front seat and start the car and pull out of the driveway.

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3 Apr, 2021
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2 mins
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