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My Love for You: Chapter Six
My Love for You: Chapter Six

My Love for You: Chapter Six


I hear a door fly open but ignore it and keep kissing Cody.

"Sis, what the hell?" Grayson says, and I look up at him.

"Go. Away." I growl, but he ignores me and glares at Cody.

"Sis, why the fuck are you making out with your bully?"

"Well, long story short, he was forced into it, but he developed a crush on me and told me yesterday. Also, the reason I'm skipping class right now." I smile smugly, and Grayson's eyes widen.

"Oh my god. Aline! Our sister has gone a lil coo-coo!" he yells while running back out the front door.

"Oh shit.. My brother is going to find some way to beat your ass." I laugh and then hear a giggle, and my smile widens as I jump off of Cody's lap and run to the front door.

I scoop my daughter up, and she giggles when I nuzzle her neck.

"Maw-maw!" she yells, and I laugh at the way she pronounces 'Momma.'

"Hey, my princess," I say and rub my nose against hers before she rests her head on my chest and her eyes flutter closed.

"Cody, come meet Ina," I call out, and he walks to the entry-way.

"Who's this?" he asks.

"My daughter, Ina," I say, and his eyes widen.

"I know, I don't seem like the motherly type, but her father took custody of her right after she was born, and I wasn't able to see her. When I saw her around when she was two, she somehow recognized me. I think her dad showed pictures of me to her because he swore to me he would show her me every day.." I smile sadly. "He passed away a few months ago, some freak accident that happened when he was on his way home. Said he got hit by a semi-truck and killed instantly."

"We loved each other, but he was older than me by many years, so we ended our relationship. I found out I was pregnant with Ina about two weeks later, and I told him immediately, and he was happy, don't get me wrong, we both were, but the problem was that I was too young to be a mother. I told him and he said he would take care of her until I graduated high school. Of course, I was a Sophomore when this happened, but I tried to see Ina. But, his wife wouldn't let me, she said Ina was her's and that she named her."

I look down at Ina and she is asleep.

"Of course, when Brett died, she tried to take custody of Ina, but I told them I was her real mother and that since she has me alive I would have the right to be her guardian. They took the blood tests and it showed me and Brett as her biological parents, so I got custody, and Aline and Grayson picked her up today. I will be taking her to school, even though I will probably get judged. I don't care, though. As long as Ina is in no immediate danger, I don't care if I will be judged," I explain what happened and then a few tears fall into Ina's soft, blonde curls.

"She must be a spitting image of Brett then," Cody says and I nod.

"Yeah, only got my face shape and eye color."

I notice Grayson lugging a huge bag up the stairs and follow him.

"Must be the playpen. She can sleep in it until I get her a real crib." I say when we reach the third floor.

"Yep. I'll set it up so you can let her sleep, then you can do schoolwork and get everything for her set up," Aline says, and opens the playpen carrier, then sets it up in less than five minutes.

"Thanks, bro," I set Ina in the crib and then hug my brother.

"No problem." he hugs me back before retreating down the stairs.

Author Notes: Most heartfelt chapter EVER

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3 Apr, 2021
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