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My Love Made Me Cry

My Love Made Me Cry

By pingu

It was chilly and dull hour (6.00 P.M) when he saw her first time ever. He was very Introverted person that he could not give her a good company during first 2 month.
As there parent knew each other, they made them live together to reduce the expenditure on accomadation. The girl was very kind for him, she concerned each and every need of the boy. Early morning she use to wake up and prepare tea and breakfast for the boy. They were very happy staying together.
After two years the boy got transfered in next city. It was co-incidence that girl too got placement in same city. But the boy never thought she will take different flate. The boy tried to convince girl to be with him. The boy was living in the past memory and shed tear. Girl never shared what she is doing and even left to contact with the boy.
One fine day the girl made the boy shocked, that she got married with other boy. Everyday the boy used think of her..and his eyes filled with tear. And pain in his heart...
Now the boy is trying to forget her...

Never Be Too Close To Anyone, Memory Brings You Tear...

By Pingu Wangchuk...

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7 Sep, 2011
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1 min
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