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My mom is my BestFriend

My mom is my BestFriend

By cath

Sometimes we can't feel the love and care of our parents. We even say that they're cruel, strict and sometimes thought that they don't love us.

February 13, 7:00 in the morning when i got home with those wounds i got from a motorcycle accident. A day before that, i ask my mom to hang with my friends, yet she dint allow me so i lied to her. I went to my friends house and there we drank a lot and i even slept there for one night. At at bout 4:00 am when i got a message from her, "Where are you? I've been waiting for you to come home ". I ignore her message and i get back to sleep. 6:30 am when i woke my friends up and ask them to held me home. I really don't know why I felt nervous that time, i even feel sorry for myself. On my way home i ask my friend if I could drive on his motorcycle, he gave me the keys and i drove yet accidentally i loss control and we crash on church's gate. Upon seeing the cross, i felt conscience for what i've done. I got home with wounds,cuts and bloods.

"You are my daughter, my best friend and my life" my mom told me after the accident happened. I realized that she's the one who really loves me, the one who cares me much even the one who stay by my side without counting any costs.

I've learned a lot from it. i hope this could change you a bit..
based from a real experience of mine..:)

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11 Sep, 2011
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