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My New Chapter (Part 1)
My New Chapter (Part 1)

My New Chapter (Part 1)


It all started when you asked for my number. I didn't know your feelings at first. Well I tried to deny it.

On that night we took our first picture. I thought it was just a picture and nothing more than that. As day goes by, we are still chatting with each other and you keep telling me that you want me to be yours. I keep denying it thinking you were just joking around. Until one day my friend convinced me saying you are serious. My only thought is how can you love someone you didn't know. You only have seen one part of me. You never see my mood swings, my "I dont want to talk to anyone" mood. You didn't know I'm just a broken girl. You can't love me because you don't know the real me.

Later then, I was your girlfriend and the only reason is because I don't want you to be sad if I reject you. I don't want you to feel what I used to feel. Rejection.

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31 Aug, 2016
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