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My Pain.

My Pain.

By brokenheart123

Everyone has a secret. A secret, which only a few may know about, or one that noone knows anything about. in my case, it's just me an the ones who caused my pain an suffereing know. Ever Since 2nd i've been bullied. not once every couple of months, or weeks. Everyday. In 2nd grade, i knew exactly what it's like to go through hell. i'd been called names, an not only that, but they'd make fun of my appearence. most of them, didn't even know me. but just for the fact that they knew what i looked like, they made comments. in 4th grade, just when i thought everything had stopped, it began all over again. was it possible to have one good day at school? in 5th grade, everything got worse. everybody had gotten a wider vocabulary over the summer. in 6th grade everything calmed down a bit. but there's this one thing called Facebook. Everyday besides being called names in school, i'd get a private message from a girl. in 6th grade, i was considered a "popular" girl. as a matter of fact, one of the most popular girls. my only goal in life was to be a nice, funny, an caring person. i was nice to everyone, but even that didn't stop some people from calling me names. Through all this pain an suffering, i never once told a teacher. never brought it up to friends, never even let it look like i was getting bullied. which was a mistake. I shouldv'e told a teacher earlier. in 7th grade, i still get a few people calling me names, but it's gotten better. so for those of you who get bullied, no matter what, don't let what people say effect you. an always rememeber, it gets better. even if it feels as though your life is over, it's not. just let your haters, be your motivaters. an live your life to it's fullest, don't let anyone judge you for who you are.

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27 Nov, 2011
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