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My Pain

My Pain

By Ghost

I can't breathe
I didn't run nowhere
I've just been standing here

Why is there tears in my eyes?
I'm not looking into a breeze
Its a cloudy day
I know I didn't stare at any lights

thats right
Its that again
the pain of regrets
must have decided to resurface
just to make my life hell

well thats swell
can't function in society
without needing to cry
break down and curl up
tune it all out and drown in the sound of music
but I can't since I'm a male
supposed to not cry or complain about pains
Unless your dying don't say nothing or your just trying for attention

I can't let people know though
for the above reasons
and the fact I made that mistake once
call it hipocrisy
thats fine by me
I just can't stand it
being constantly comforted and surrounded by friends
even though its the best thing for me
I can't bring myself to stay near them
Don't want them to worry more because of my issues

Insecurities,regrets,and anxieties
they all compound into gunpowder
and then are capped by the bullet called depression
loaded and fired into my chest
and just when it ends
I swear they say
"Never fear. We'll be back again."

Author Notes: Reviews are always welcome no matter how critical.

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About This Story
10 Jun, 2018
Read Time
1 min
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