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My Plea

My Plea

By Kiraa

They say the days will get shorter, They say the memory of you will fade. But here it is:
You're memory isn't fading. They promised it would fade, but it isn't, you aren't. Some tell me it's because I won't let go. I think it's because you won't let go. You continue to haunt me through our dimensions. You're here.

Everybody hurts, they say. Everybody feels this way, they say. This war will end, they say. If your death didn't end our war, what else will? You're haunting is increasing. Our longing is stretching new lengths everyday. You're so far away. Yet you're right next to me.

You died and you took my innocence with you, you left and you stole my destined greatness. What are you doing to me? How? Why won't you stop? I know you can stop. Just release it. Just stop.

I felt your cold presence on my skin. I turned on the light. I turned off the music. I feel you. You know what I'm writing this about, don't you? You know I'm talking about you. Why don't you stop? Why don't you leave me be? I'm sorry for what I've done. Is that what you're looking for? Could you free me now? Could you stop holding me back from everything I need to do, everything I need to be? Will you just release me?

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About This Story
26 Aug, 2015
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1 min
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