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My Poor Soul
My Poor Soul

My Poor Soul


I was in my room all afternoon I was doing nothing just listening to sad songs, lights off while lying down and in tears.

They told me that I'm crazy even though they didn't know me well.
They often notice the mistakes I have not made;
They often blamed the words I've said when I can't hold my emotions, I don't know how to defend myself anymore.
Everyone's around me are like demons, They're horn is long.

I do not know why I end up like this, I'm not someone else for you to make me look like a different person
you should know things about me but. You didn't and instead of knowing me well you thrown me away. Away from everything; Away from reality.

Thanks for the things you have done; Now that I've known myself better.
and now you can't call me crazy when I'm alone.
I will not lie down and cry
I will never be alone in the dark.
Now that you have finished shooting me and throwing me away; my poor soul has been saved by the hands of God.

From your demon-possessed brain.

And he left a letter for his father saying.

"Thanks Father for mistreating me, I loved you with all of my heart. From your beloved son who shots his head Jonathan."

Author Notes: Killing yourself is not an option
Show love to your kids and don't treat them like pon because they got strong imaginations.

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About This Story
12 May, 2020
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1 min
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