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My poor,unfortunate soul
My poor,unfortunate soul

My poor,unfortunate soul


Her voice haunts my sleep. Her blood-red hair flickers past me everytime the ocean waves crash against the cave which holds me prisoner. I count the days as they go by, waiting for a day where I can finally swim to the surface without recoiling in pain from the ship hull stabbed into my abdomen. This cruel fate has been sentenced to me for wanting love. I wasn’t always like this.

I, like others, loved the ocean currents and all of it’s creatures as they swirled around me. I wasn’t a power-hungry titan the merpeople had described me as. I was a worry-free girl who fell for every ticket After my family had passed, I grew nervous. Over time, the amount of food occupying my cabinet slowly vanished and I was growing desperate.

My power being the only possible source of income, I began to make deals. I suffered at the hands of these creatures because of promises that the same people who banished me, made with me. First it was a longer fin, then it was wider eyes. Slowly my domain of power grew. People who couldn’t keep their promise faced the consequences. Just like it said in the contract that every one of my clients signed.

Then I met Ariel. The mermaid was heart-broken over a boy she had met only once. She believed singing a song could coax him into feeling the same, but was disappointed at the results. She came to me as a sign of solace and wisdom. She reeked of desperation as she wandered through my cave, a constant reminder that I was never welcome. I repeated my procedure asking only for her voice. She gave it willingly, convinced the prince would fall instantly in love with her. How could he not?

With Ariel’s long red hair, bright wide eyes, long legs, and perfect porcelain skin, how could the poor prince ever resist her? As Ariel swam away I looked at my ugly tentacles wrapping around my wide stomach and clashing with the pools of darkness in my eyes. I wept as she swam right into her happily ever after, leaving me with nothing in the end.

A mere three days later, I rise to the height of a thousand ships, holding the King’s triton in my hand. My eyes glow with lightning power as I fight the ship where Ariel stands, behind the crowned prince. I looked at myself during those moments, looking at the monster I had become Looking at the monster she had turned me into. The waves circled around me and I could feel myself weakening with every step I took. The trident was in my hand, the one thing I wanted the most. I had it all. So why wasn’t I happy? Why wasn’t I finally satisfied? The power was surging through me, the same power I crave now as I lay helpless on the ocean floor. I looked towards Ariel as she stared at me in defiance. We locked views and the blasted prince took this moment to puncture me with the hull of his drowning ship. The last thing I saw before I crashed into the caliginous ocean, was the sight of Ariel hugging the prince, taking my happily ever after.

Author Notes: Enjoy!

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8 Jul, 2019
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2 mins
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