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My Promble. My Reilly

My Promble. My Reilly

By K.Z.fine

Rachel sat down at a white desk trying not to flip out. She felt like dying. "What do you do when suddenly the guy who's been rejecting you all year says out of the blue he wants to be with you? I don't even think I like him.....but then again." She said to her kitten j.j who was rubbing against her leg. A small meow came from j.j as she shut the door to block out her family. These days were hard it seemed like her family was fall apart. After the death of two family members her dad had gotten sick and her mom looked tired and stressed. J.j quickly jumped on the bed and curled up in a tiny ball. Rachel smiled. Reilly was still on her mind. She remembered her friend Kelly standing there saying how she was making a mistake. Reilly has jerk she said waving her finger. According to Kelly Reilly had more than six girlfriends over two years and he was best known for playing girls like cards. "Cheater, lier, and a girl hitter that's what he is." Kelly said. Even though Reilly might be all that she still didn't know what to think. At the beginning of the year Reilly had picked on her making very clear he didn't like her. Or that's at least what Rachel thought. At a sleep over party Reilly`s girlfriend, Jena had handed her the phone saying Reilly wanted to text. Jean had been tall with brown hair and blue eyes. That was type she had thought all guys went for. Rachel on the other hand was small with dirty blond hair and eyes the never seemed to one color. Jena had been so skinny that she toke off her shirt you could probably see her ribs. Rachel wasn't skinny but she wasn't fat. They had texted all night. That night felt like the best night of her life when he said he liked her. Rachel happy and jump for joy then got the next tested. She read it aloud "I like you but I love Jena if we ever break up I'll go out with you." Not only did it hurt but she was mad. Why would anyone even say something like that! A week pasted and they began tested each other. She still felt mad. But mostly sad. A month than pasted and Jena and Reilly broke up. Rumors spread that the reason they broke up was that Reilly had fallen in love with another girl and was just using Jena and the girl like dice in his hand. Rachel after saying no to two boys who wanted to go out meet up with Jena. The tall girl never said why they broke up but just asked if she stilled had feelings for him. Maybe a month later Reilly and Rachel grew close again. After hearing about Jena Rachel decided not to like the dark haired boy named Reilly any more. But the weeks passed and a note dropped out of Reilly`s hands and to her`s. The note asked if she wanted to go out. Noah, their friendly classmate wanted Rachel to hurry. So think out thinking she circled yes. The next two weeks felt a little like a dream and a little like a nightmare. They passes notes and he told her he loved her and would never give her up. She had said the same thing to him. Part of her wanted to enjoy the dream. The other part wanted to yell because she knew that he had said the same thing to another girl.  And everytimes she looked into his brown eyes she knew she was just a replacement. Or was she. Maybe he would protect her and love her or maybe he was a player. He hurt of him saying all those mean things were still in her heart and one I love you would make it go away nor would a million. She knew that he had lied to her over and over again. So that next day Rachel broke up with him feeling and mix of sadness and pure angry from all those lies. Three days later Reilly got a new girlfriend. They make a great couple. A day later they broke up. That same day everything toke a turn for Rachel. If it hadn't been for her best friend Juileann and God she might have ran away. Petting the sleeping animal Rachel talked to herself. "I didn't even tell him about the girls who pick on me. Right now I think I need him as a friend not a boyfriend. Maybe we could start up again. But not right now." J.j who was now awake leaped on a picture of a black haired boy with blue eyes. She turned and let out a soft meow. "Well I like him too but like I told you I'm not ready. He's just a friend who's makes me laugh." Rachel turned her chair back to the desk and pulled out a piece of paper from the bottom self. She began to write a story. A story that she title my problem. My Reilly.

Author Notes: Hey guys my name is K.Z.fine and this is a true story. Please pray for Rachel. Rate if you like it. This is the first book in the love dove series

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30 Apr, 2014
Read Time
4 mins
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