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My "Almost" Relationship
My "Almost" Relationship

My "Almost" Relationship


"I was almost good enough for him. He almost fell in love with me. We almost made it." ~Unknown

At the beginning everything was perfect. Or my definition of perfect. He and I had a lot great times, then again we had a lot of horrible times. I'm not sure what happened and I'm not sure how I should feel about it...

We were together almost everyday, our conversations never got boring, we instantly clicked with each other, you were all about me and i was all about you; it seemed like we were made for each other.

Everything seemed right... I couldn't help but to have the biggest smile on my face when your name popped up on my phone, my heart raced every time I saw you. You made me the happiest I have every been. But that was before she came back into the picture. Your ex.

You swore up and down that you didn't want her; you "only wanted me." I believed you, until you were texting her on a daily. We slowly faded then when you realized you didn't want her, you came straight back to me. Everyone told me I was your "go to girl." I didn't want to believe them because i wanted you. Even though I should have given up on you; on us. I continued to believe that this was just a phase and it would blow over soon. It didn't.

Eventually we completely faded. We only talked maybe 1-2 times a week, and when we did talk you kept it short. You told me you "missed me" but never made any attempts to see me. But I can't blame you completely for it because it was my fault as well.

I never told you how I felt about you. I didn't have the courage to because I thought you didn't like me. You made it seem like you did but I don't think you did, I liked to think that you did but I don't think you did. Maybe I blame myself because if I would have told you how I felt maybe you would have stayed. Maybe you wouldn't have moved on so easily.

I tried my best, I really did but sometimes I guess your best still isn't enough. Maybe I should have tried harder; maybe I should have fell for you at all. I really do love you & I hope that one day our paths cross again; when the timing is right and we aren't so young. But until then... I guess this is goodbye.

Author Notes: This is my first time writing something. Tell me what you guys think. &I thank you for reading.

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28 Mar, 2017
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2 mins
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