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My Sad Daughter

My Sad Daughter

By popepop - 1 Review

Okay, my daughter tells me everything. Especially drama within her friend group. Here is what she recently told me:

On Monday, she and her best friend (I'll call her best friend A and my daughter R) were having a playdate. They got bored and decided to go on a walk.

While they were walking, they started to talk about how they, as sixth graders, were going into middle school along with the fifth graders, whom they despise.

Once they were on that subject, they talked about how the fifth grade girls might be wannabes. R said that the girls would probably wear super high-heels. A said that they would definitely mimick the eighth graders. They were silent for a moment and then A said, "I bet they'll were padded bras so it looks like-" she puffed out her chest- "Ba bam!"

R said, "Yeah, maybe."

A thoughtfully paused and stared at my daughter's chest. Then she shouted, "You should try that, too!"

My daughter quickened her walking pace to try and get away. This wasn't the first time A had said something, but it was the worst of all.

A ran to catch up. After that, they walked in silence.

When they got back to A's house, A hit R and asked why she was so mad.

R shouted, "Because you won't stop saying how I'm so flat-chested!"

A's reply was: "But you are flat-chested."

R replied, "You never say anything about Skyler's chest! You only torment me! How about you stop staring at my chest and focus on having fun and making this a great summer! I may be a late bloomer, but that is no reason to tell me so. I know!"

A slapped R hard enough to leave a bruise.

R stormed out and ran home to me.

Even though R lost her best friend, I am proud of her for standing up for herself and not hitting A back.

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16 Jun, 2013
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