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My Sad Life 1

My Sad Life 1

By TayTay17 - 1 Review

Hey im really young although i have went through what most have not when i was 4 my parents split it was hard because i was the youngest i was living with my mom until she started doing drugs then she decided she did not want to do that any more so she went to the salvation army to stop her adiction to crack i had to live with my dad who i only saw on the weekends now i was going to live with was defrint there and i ate and i was clean and had good clothes it was BETTER there i really love my dad he took care of me i had to leave my 2 sisters and my 1 brother my sister jayla she was 12 and i was 8 we were really close and i loved her so much more than a sister like a mother but we didnt see each other a lot because we all got split up my sis and bro live with my grandma and my sis jayla lives with me auntie my mom is back and now she has a home im still living with my dad and i love it but my mom lives on this street called harlow its nice my sibling have been living there for about a year my mom is clean so no drugs... i come over on the weekends and now my mom met this punk named peewee my mom is 35 and he is 65 its gross... my mom got mad at my dad and locked me out the house i am siting on the porch and wating for my mom to open the door so yeah now my mom has no home my big sis jazz is grown up now and she has her own home and my sis and bro josh lives with my grandma i have a best friend taylor she is going shrough what i went through she is my best friend in the worldi have a good life now with my dad and taylor and i will NOT let my mom get in the way of that but i love her to death any way and my siblings are doing just fine it was hard for me to... type this but i had to get it of my chest but this is it for now

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14 May, 2011
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