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My sister

My sister

By Strock

I recently have become very attached to this child. It seems strange to me that this would have happened so quickly. She is only 3, but the strange part is that we've meet only twice before this summer. She became very fond of me very quick, which I thought wad unusual for only 2 interactions with her before then, one of which she wouldn't have even remembered because of her age. So anyway, her and her parents come to visit for a week or so, and at the time I happen to be swimming and she decides that she is gonna go to. Immediatrly upon entering the pool she is wanting me to float around and be her swim buddy. Being the kind, caring person I am, I kindly oblige. So later on in the week its time for her and her parents to depart and she is very sad to say the least, but I told her I would visit in a couple weeks.and she brightened up. So during my stay with them she would always want me to go swimming with her and play tea parties and just about every possible thing a 3 year would want to do. The more time I spend with her though the more I hate to see her grow up. It's always the younger years with kids that your gonna miss. During my most recent stay I went on a run with her around the neighborhood, I stopped and took a little breather, during that time during the conversation it got brought up that she needed to stay in her stroller so she wouldn't get was probably the saddest thing I've ever heard. She said if I get hit I won't have you anymore....I couldn't really say anything for a couple seconds because I wasn't really expecting that answer in the first place. So then I said Yup that's right...and I won't have you either. So during these past 6 months I've gotten to know her really well and am thankful for all the time I've spent with her and hope for many more times like it....I love that kid more than anything in the world, she's my boo boo

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11 Dec, 2011
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