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my special sister

my special sister

By cath

My sister had her seizure, she's a special one. her brain development was late. Some people says that she will not live longer because of her illness. while other says that we're unfortunate to have her. it really hurts me, because people can't seem to understand her situation. as her older sister, sometimes i was the one who changed her clothes, who let her eat and make her sleep. it was not hard for me to do it and besides it wasn't a big deal. i love her so much. there are times when i can't take people's thought about my sister that's why i pleased therm not to mock her. One day, my uncle told me to kill my sister in order for us not to suffer more, it really hurts me, and feels like i was stab inside. My uncle keeps on reminding me about killing her,yet i just ignore him. until time came, i was out of control and i accidentally stab him because he tries to kill my sister.

i wasn't sent to jail because of my age, i was 15 that time, and i tell the police what had really happen. Though my sister was a special child, it doesn't mean that she could not live in this beautiful creatures we had.

we are all the same.

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15 May, 2011

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