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My Story (Birth- Now)
My Story (Birth- Now)

My Story (Birth- Now)

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My due date is sunday May 14, 2006. The doctors induced the pregnancy and I was born on May 25, 2006.My name is Sara Elizabeth. I am the middle child. My older sister was born a year and half before me. My dad told me that I am bad baby. I was always fussing about something.

I was now 3 years old. I will be 4 years old in two months. My mom and dad are in the hospital. She just went in labor with my little sister. I am 3 and a half years older than her. She was born exactly on her due date.

I am now 5 years old. My mom and dad aren't getting along very well. They have been fighting a lot lately. They soon later decided to get a divorce. They moved away from each other. My mom moved an hour away and my dad stayed at his mom's house. My mom had full custody of us. We didn't see our dad much.

I just turned 7 years old. My mom moved again. I live with my aunt now. My mom lives with her mom now. We see her every now and then. I went to visit her today. It is the week of my elder sister's birthday. She was turning 9 years old. We arrived on my mom's house. She put a chair in a corner. She told me to sit in that corner and to not speak nor move. I was confused. What did I do? I just got here. I asked what I did. I was told to shut up. I sat in the corner and watched spiders make their webs. I wasn't allowed to eat, drink, or use the bathroom. I sat in that corner for a whole week.

It is now time to leave. My aunt just pulled up in the driveway. I tried to give my mom a hug but she pushed me away. I got in the car. I was quiet for pretty much the whole car ride. I was thinking about what I could have possibly done. I still had no idea. My aunt asked us how the week was. I didn't want to answer. She wouldn't even talk to me over the phone.

That was the last time that I ever saw my mom. I still want an answer. My mom left when I was 10 years old. I spent weeks to months crying over her. What did I do? Why did she leave?

I am in 5th grade now. I am 12 years old. I was going to try out for band. I wanted to play either trumpet, tuba, trombone, or clarinet. I tried every instrument. My score was a 9 on trumpet, 9 1/2 on tuba, 10 on trombone, and a 10 on clarinet. I chose to play clarinet. I started at the beginning of 6th grade. I was really good at my instrument. It was a Bb clarinet. There was still some stuff that I had to master.

Today is August 29, 2018. I didn't have band today. I went to physical education. We played dodgeball. I went to sit down, to cool off. I was sitting in the bleachers and talking to a few friends and my boyfriend at the time. We were talking about our classes. I was getting up to go check on one of my friends because he was lying on the other side of the gym in the bleachers. He stood up and got out of the bleachers. He grabbed his inhaler out of his bookbag and he tried to take a puff out of it, but before he could he passed out. Everyone ran ro the office. We asked for help. We were told to stay in the library with another class. Me and a few of my friends had to go get our shoes out of the gym and our bookbags. We walked across the street to the gym and got our stuff. I tried not to look. I was so scared. I stuffed my chacos into my bookbag and kept my tennis shoes on. I ran back to class, I was headed to math class now. I was waiting for my teacher to let us in the room when she dismissed her class. There was 2 police officers, 1 ambulance, and a fire truck ouside of the gym. I watched as the put him in the ambulance. Then, they had to put him in the fire truck because he was way to tall. I watched the news later that day and He was pronounced dead. He was 12 years old. He had an asthma attack. I ran to my room and layed on my bed and cried for 4 hours straight. I didn't talk to anyone for a week. I didn't want to got to school anymore. I was so scared.

I am in 7th grade. The year was going good. I switched my instrument because it was harder to play. I had just gotten braces. I switched to a bigger instrument. It is a Bass Clarinet. It is very fun to play. I never have the melody in any song anymore. I just play whole notes and half notes. I will get to play an 8th note, quarter note, or 16th note very now and then. I was on christmas break. My sister turned 15 over the break. My boyfriend asked me to the Valentines day dance. His name is Brandon.I like him a lot. He is very cute and sweet ( for the most part.) He we have been dating for 6 months. My sister went with her boyfriend. They have been dating for about 2 weeks. I had fun.

It was now spring break. I spent my spring break with my little cousin, He is 2 months old. He is a very funny kid. We had just got news that we weren't going to school for the remainder of the year because of a virus spreading. It is called Covid-19. I began doing school online. I stayed with my little cousin for about 6 months. I had fun. Then My boyfriend that I was dating for a year and a half cheated on me. I was upset and angry. He was honest with me, and I am very thankful for that.

I am now in 8th grade and I am 14 years old. It is now 2021. The year so far has been good. I was diagnosed with Ulcertive colitis in November of 2020. I am now in remmision.I am doing very good. My mom called me after 5 years of leaving. I didn't know what to say to her. She said she was very sorry though. I don't think I can ever trust her again. I will soon be 15 in May.

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16 Jan, 2021
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