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My story Chapter1

My story Chapter1

By Dgpg1

It all started with my grandparents the normal ones in my family ok first of all im not going to say what is look like but what ever your thinking it's better! So my grandparents ok I'm not weird but don't freak out I'm a unibrea wait my grandparents are narwals and a horse they made my mom she is a unicorn and then my dads parents are both zebra so then they had my dad a zebra, so then my DD and mom meet buttocks now my mom is going out with this jerky giraffe but they become friends then my moms boyfriend at the time starts abusing her so then my dad forces her to break up with him then they fall in love! My grandparents did not like the idea because things like that usually don't work out but then they do they decided to get married and 1year and 11 months I'm born. Ok I'm usually touchy about this part but thy were right it did not work out I was a deformed baby the took me to the deformity office and I was aromatically put in. I was very special they only had normal animals why could they not have me ok so I made a bad decision well not that bad but still bad I became a human! I hated I was made fun of I had to move then It all started for real!

Author Notes: Worked hard.

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22 Mar, 2013
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1 min
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