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My Strange Addiction
My Strange Addiction

My Strange Addiction

IsLoveAnIllusion-- The Huntress --
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“It was nice meeting you, doll. Too bad you had to go.” That chilling smile was etched into her perfect porcelain skin, her golden eyes steely and cold. Her bright red waves were cascading down her shoulders, free from its tight restraints of her elastic hair tie as they fluttered in the gentle breeze, casting a fiery glow to her surroundings.
They were standing in a dark alleyway, the sixteen-year-old redhead twirling a silver dagger in her hands, glaring at the girl standing on the opposing side. She was also sixteen, with sapphire blue eyes and short, raven black hair that curled around her shoulder blades. There was a sharp edge to her icy eyes, an unusual glint that set her tethering on the edge.

“If it is a fight that you want, I am in to deliver, Venus. Just as long as her heart belongs to me.” A faint blush tainted her tanned skin as her ocean eyes softened slightly. The redhead gritted her teeth and with the momentum following the movement of her arm, threw the dagger carelessly. It lodged itself into the wall behind the startled girl, inches away from slicing her cheekbones.

“I warned you. She’s mine.” There it was. The ruby gleam in the midst of the solid gold, ruthless like the sharp blade of her silver knife. The black-haired treen backed away slightly, making her laugh. It sent a chill rolling down her spine. “Oh? Is little Lizzie Howard scared? A coward like you would never, ever, win her heart.”
“We’ll see about that.” Venus just had enough time to block the blow, using the momentum to counter-throw her off, slamming her into the nearby wall with another one of her silver knives in hand, now poised at her throat. “Think again, sweetheart, before you challenge someone to a duel.” Blood stained the silver knife crimson, gleaming dangerously in the moonlight.

“I will never let Kathrynne have you, even if it costs me my life!” With a sudden burst of strength, Lizzie shoved Venus off, wrapping her around her neck swiftly. The wound on her own was shallow, a trail of scarlet dripping down her skin, shining a deep bronze under the silver glow of the moon.

Venus had the audacity to laugh. It was a crazed, high-pitched sound, a sound of pure insanity. “You’re quick, honey. Just not quick enough.”

Quick as a flash, the two teens were on the ground, fighting for the upper hand. Lizzie may be stronger, but Venus was more agile, thinking quicker on her feet. Within seconds, Lizzie was pinned to the ground, struggling against her hold. Venus smiled manically, tilting her head innocently to the side. “I hope you learn a good lesson here, honey. Never cross me unless you have a death wish.”

“It’s sad to see you go, really. I had fun, but anyone who wants to steal her from me? Sorry, there’s no place for you to stay.” With a violent slash, blood coated her face, staining her white blouse. She smiled in maniacal satisfaction as she watched the life drain away from the black-haired girl, getting back on her feet. As she walked away, the wind seemed to carry her words, a warning sign, a quiet death threat to those who don’t know better.

“She is my strange addiction. Mine, and mine only.”

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-- The Huntress --
About This Story
25 Jul, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
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