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My Strange Friend - The Secret

My Strange Friend - The Secret

By Muxima - 2 Reviews

The Secret

I woke up today morning, i went to the dining table and took my breakfast. I went to the fridge to take milk for my corn flakes when I opened the fridge I saw the fridge empty the only thing I saw was only ice, so looked for my mother. But I didn’t find her to I chicken soup and I also drank water. So I went to school, when I was walking, I remember about my friend because I saw his posters.

But I asked myself, why do I want to help my strange friend she is very strange she almost wanted to kill me. But I think they was something wrong that happened to her. So I continued walking went I arrived at school the teacher said that I came late so I begged the teacher, the said that this is the last time am going to come to school late. I said no problem.

So when I entered class I greeted the teacher and I opened my book, after class I went to the forest and I brought snacks for my friend. I was looking for her everywhere then later I called her name I felt somebody closed my eyes removed the rope from my eyes, the person said, you can open your eyes now I opened my eyes. When I opened my eyes I saw my strange friend I was scared but later I was not scared any more I said,

Oh, it’s you my strange friend said, yes it’s me so I said,

I brought for you snacks that you wanted my friend said thanks so I asked her about the secret she said, oh, that well I was kidnapped by some strange people one was wearing a red cap and was also wearing a suit the other was also wearing a suit. I was wondering a person with red cap and was also wearing a suit the other was also wearing a suit, that’s when I remembered that I know those I told my friend that those are the FBI I saw them when I in my other car those men were there.

My friend oh so you know them. I said, yes I know them so what do I do for them to leave me alone? I said, for them to leave you alone we need to call the police my friend said alright. I said, for now we I need to tell want to ask you more which about. My friend said go on, so I continued I said why are you so weird? Number one you were in my cupboard with a weird smile number two you wrote with red ink paper number three you always like closing my eyes and my hand.

And number four you said that you wanted to kill me. My friend said number one I was in your cupboard because, it was the FBI that put me in your cupboard but why did they put you inside my cupboard? My friend said, I don’t even know why they put me inside the cupboard I said, maybe they want me to know that somebody kidnapped you. My friend said, maybe? Number two yes I wrote that letter for you to know where am I.

Number three I close your eyes because I don’t want you to see the where I live because if you see it you will not like it. And number four I said almost wanted to kill you because I was very hungry am not being eating for days and something I imagine that you are sometimes a food or you are a stranger am also weird because they gave me chuck me with a strange it or maybe it’s injection. I said oh now I understand why are you strange, but now you need to go because the people are coming.

And am turning into something else, alright bye then My friend said bye and I went back home.

To be continued!

The next episode is The police

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20 Feb, 2022
Read Time
3 mins
3.5 (2 reviews)

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