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My Suicidial Letter

My Suicidial Letter

By KevinT

I got a call from my friend Moon, he said he was depressed and needed some comfort. I calmly said to him I would be in few seconds at his house and I said to him also that he should try to calm himself down while I got there. I got ready and I was on my way to his house. On the way there were ambulances starting to pass by, at first I thought they were not heading at Moon's house, but they were. I started running as fast as I could. When I got there I saw Moon's mother, she was crying. And as afraid as I was I had to look at the ambulance and there was Moon dead. Tears came to me and anger at the same time for not getting there in time. Then I just sat there letting the rain take my tears into the ground. Suddenly, Moon's father came to me he gave some papers and left with nothing to say. I started to read the paper and here is what it said : Dear Adam... If you are reading this I'm probably dead. You may have questions why I suicide. You may understand me or may not, but I'm praying that you will. I started to see the world differently from everybody. I saw that no matter who you had to help throughout their depressions you will still be alone when you needed the most that person. Thankfully you was always there and I'm very much thankful to you for that. I suicide, because of my thoughts. The thinking that always came to me was there. I tried to stop it, but it still came to me as a bullet to the head. The screams that were inside me needed to get out of me. I thought about the problems I had, I got depressed when I thought about suiciding. That thought I couldn't stop it, it just came to me. I never thought I died alone, I cried every night for Emily. She was so much for me, but I couldn't help having the idea that she died in that car accident. In school I couldn't wait to come back home to pass time in my room alone. Why you may say, I saw that everybody was happy, but I was just the freak who was never happy. You could see him with that fake smile when in inside he was destroyed and needed that person to love. I try to shout shout shout shout! So everything could get out, but it didn't it just stayed there. There's only one thing I want you to know continue with life even with problems. Continue with your life, tomorrow holds such better days, conquer the goals that you want, don't be a freak like me. BE YOURSELF, never change for others. To my Emily that I once felt deeply in love I will see her soon. To my parents tell them that it wasn't there fault, I will always love them. To all of you I love you very much I love you love you love you sorry for doing this. I will be with you no matter what. YOU are my best friend. Thank you,many good things would happen since I not here with you. I'm not sorry for doing it, I'm sorry for not saying all what I wanted to say to many persons. Sorry for making you sad, but remember just the good things about me and smile and walk away I am in a better place now." I stayed thinking and crying holding the suicidial letter. I got hold of it and walk back home in the rain, knowing my dear friend was in every drop of rain.

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27 Jun, 2011
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3 mins
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