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My Thief
My Thief

My Thief


"Love has more meanings than one."

As the wind blew harshly, a small child ran through the dark green forest. He ran faster and faster. His dark night hair flew through the wind. His legs began to slow down and his breathing was heavy. As he came to a final stop, his face scrunched up at the next sight he saw. A small little boy with fiery red hair laid on on the grass. His clothes were ripped and dirt covered every inch of him. The small dark haired boy only stared at the other. His small body looked weak and frail. What could have happened to him, the boy thought. The only one who did know was the sleeping mind of the redheaded child.
The dark haired looked at him for a while before turning around. He did not want a burden to take care of. The child was always kept to himself. He was afraid to let anyone near. He walked away but halted in his own footsteps as howls of wolves began to cry out in the dark. He slowly let out a sigh and turned around. He knew the boy would get eaten alive if he did not bring him to safety.

“Come on. I'm not that selfish to leave you out here.” The boy let out a soft chuckle before speaking his mind. “You might get eaten alive.” He spoke lightly as he picked up the sleeping child.

5 Years Later

“Get out of here boy! Don't you ever steal from my shop again! YOU HEAR ME, NEVER!” The old shop owners voice faded away as the redhead boy ran fast, and stopped once he was a good distance. His breath was heavy as he rested his upper body on his knees. His heart was pounding fast.

“Caught again, Luke?” Spoke out a voice from behind. The boy turned around to see Tyler behind him.

“I'm no use. You should have let those wolfs eat me up.” Luke chuckled at the comment he made towards himself. He knew that he was never a good thief, but he had to learn sooner or later. Tyler walked closer to him and patted his shoulder.

“You’ll get it one of these days,” Tyler said as he removed the hand that was behind his back, and in it laid a rabbit.

“Teach me to hunt like you?” Luke stuck out a bottom lip and scrunched his eyebrows. He adored his best friend because of hi amazing hunting skills. He wanted to be just like him.

Tyler pushed passed him in annoyance. He knew that if he were to teach Luke how to hunt, it would be years and a waste of his time.

“How can you hunt if you can’t even steal a simple piece of bread?” Luke ran up to the slightly taller boy as he was left behind by Tyler’s mean question.

“I can too steal! I bet I can steal old Hanks store and get you that necklace you’ve been wanting for months!” Luke’s voice slightly went up to a high pitch that was loud. Tyler only lets out a slight chuckle.

“This is why I can’t take you with me. That load voice of your scares animals miles away.” They continued to walk in silence for only a couple of minutes until Luke broke it with his complaints again.

“I'm good at what I do. Sometimes I just don't have my days. Like today, I was unlucky. That's all!” Luke crossed his arms as they continued to walk deeper into the forest. He wanted so badly to prove to Tyler that he was worthy of becoming a hunter.

“Luke, that's every day.” Tyler rolled his eyes. “But one day you might be able to actually take something without being caught.”

“Let's make a beat! If I get you that necklace, then you have to let me go hunting with you!” Luke wrapped his arms around the boy's neck. Clinging hard, Tyler seemed to almost lose his balance.

“Why do you want to go with me so badly. I promise you will get bored. Sitting in silence for hours, watching nothing, and waiting.” Tyler whispered that last part. Luke immediately unwrapped his arms from the boy and crossed them again. Tyler looked over at the younger who had his lip sticking out. He knew he was mad, but Tyler knew that Luke would be an extremely bad hunting hunter.

Tyler let out a loud sigh before speaking.“Get me that necklace in two days.” He then took off full speed, leaving Luke behind with a jaw dropping expression.

“Really?” Luke yelled out in excitement.

Tyler walked through the woods with a bow and arrows on his back. The day was beautiful. It was just right for a hunting day.

AHHHH!” A faint scream was heard in the distance as Tyler started walking quickly to the sound. His felt frightened for some reason as he began to run. He had an odd feeling about the scream. His dark hair waved through the wind as his speed increased rapidly. The more he thought about it the more nervous he became. He came to a full stop as he saw a pack of wild wolfs dancing around what seemed to be a person. Tyler quickly climbed a tree and took off his bow to apply an arrow. He aimed and, shot. The small spear went speeding into the side of a large wolf. It whined as it was hit. They all ran away startled by the sudden act. Tyler quickly climbed down the tree as all the wolves disappeared. He ran over to the same place the wolfs were and he immediately fell to his knees. What he saw next was unexpected. He almost died right there.

LUKE! Wake up! I'm here now!” Tyler started to shed tears as the younger was covered in terrible cuts and bite marks. Luke slowly opened his eyes. Tyler now held the boy in his arms.

“Hey…” Luke said weakly with a smile on his face.

“Don't hey me you bastard! What happened?” Tylers tears still running as he asked the very injured one. Luke only continued to smile as he said nothing. He only looked at Tyler silently.

“Hey, Ty? You can take me hunting now.” Luke weakly spoke as he slowly lifted a hand up to Tyler's face. He opened his hand reliving a necklace that had a small feather charm tied to it.

“Y-you idiot. You finally stole something.” Tyler gave a weak smile back. Luke’s hand slowly went down to land on Tyler's lap. Luke's eyes closed as he let out his last breath goodbye.

“Good night, my thief.”

Author Notes: This is my first story to post, but if this gets good reviews I might make a sequel. Thanks again.

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12 May, 2017
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