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My time with Kiyoko.

My time with Kiyoko.

By whitley121

As I clutched my hand to my chest, I could slowly feel the life drain out of me. I collapsed to my knees and I was slipping in and out of consciousness. I could hear police sirens in the distance and a voice that I recognised shouting "Help!" It was my girlfriend, Kiyoko. This is it. This is how I'm going to die.

Three hours earlier...
"Kai! Kai! Wake up! It's beautiful outside!" Shouted Kiyoko while she was bouncing on top of me. Eventually I woke up, rubbing my eyes and adjusting them to the view outside. Kiyoko was right. It was beautiful. "Hey Kiyoko." I said. "What are we doing today? We are in Tokyo after all."
Kiyoko looks at me with her big, brown puppy dog eyes.
"No we are not going shopping again!" I said, rolling my eyes the other way. Kiyoko's face drops. She always makes me feel guilty like this. Girls are such hard work sometimes. Kiyoko is so beautiful though; her hair chestnut brown and eyes as big as the moon.
"Fine," I sighed. "We can go shopping."
Her face brightens up and she hugs me, tightly. "Alright! Alright! You're crushing my bones here."
Kiyoko pulls away and quickly starts to get ready to go to town. I did the same. Today is going to be a long day. Kiyoko gently grabs my hand and kisses me on the cheek. "Thanks for letting us go shopping again," she whispers in my ear. I blush and reply "no problem."

We then start making our way to town. Kiyoko's eyes brightened when we entered her favourite clothes shop, Mayumi's Fashion World. "Kai! Look!" She shouted excitedly. "I have found the cutest outfit for you!"
She picked up a very smart suit. It was a turquoise colour with stripes down the sides of each arm. I actually really liked it.
"Here! Go try it on in the back!" Shouts Kiyoko as she throws the suit at me. Catching the suit, I enter the changing rooms at the back and try on the suit. "Let's have a look then," said Kiyoko. I come out with the suit on. "Oh my!" She gleams. "You look very charming."
"I do, don't I?"
I really am in love with this suit. I go back into the changing rooms and change back to my normal clothes again. I tell Kiyoko I want this suit. She's already picked out her clothes. They were very cute. It was a sparkly pink top with a short black miniskirt with stripy pink and black leggings. "Your outfit is very cute Kiyoko," I said while smiling. She smiles back and says "thanks" while we walk over to the counter.
"Right, all together that will be 4000 Yen," says the woman behind the counter. Kiyoko pays her the money and we exit the shop. We've been in there for about two hours. It didn't feel like it. I actually enjoyed shopping with Kiyoko for the first time. It felt good. I see why Kiyoko enjoys it so much. I was so lost in thought that I never noticed Kiyoko talking to me.
"Err, hellooo? Kai!"
"Yeah, sorry Kiy, I was just thinking."
"About what?”
"Just how amazing you are."
Kiyoko smiled and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. “You wanna get something to eat?” She whispers in my ear.
“Erm, sure,” I reply. “Why not?”
Ten minutes pass and we’re at a sushi restaurant. I love sushi so much. It’s the best food in Japan by far.
“Welcome to our sushi bar. How may I help you?” The manager politely asks.
“Err, just the usual please sir,” Kiyoko smiles.
We sit down and wait for our sushi to arrive. It takes about five minutes to arrive. This is what I like about this place; we don’t have to wait so long.
“Mm mm, this is so good.” Kiyoko says with her mouth full.
It was funny but disgusting at the same time because she spat mouthfuls of food towards me. Wiping it off my face, I tell her to not speak with her mouth full. She smiles, showing all the bits of food in her mouth.
“Yuuuck, Kiyoko!” I moan.
She smiles again. Oh Kiyoko, she’s so…Kiyoko. I slowly tuck into my sushi, chewing my food unlike Kiyoko. She just shoves the food in her mouth and swallows… literally. How does she do it? Isn’t that bad for you? Oh well, there’s no need to dwell on that. It’s how she is so I don’t really care. This food really is yummy. I could eat this for the rest of my life.
Leaving the sushi bar, I decide that Kiyoko and I should take a detour around town. There are some places that I haven’t seen yet. The only time I go into town is when Kiyoko wants to go shopping. There are some places we never go to, however. There was a games shop located opposite the sushi bar. I’ve always wanted to go there but I never get the chance. Begging Kiyoko to go there, I eventually got her permission and entered the games shop. It was so big. The walls were covered in bright yellow paint which I found too much but that didn’t bother me about the amount of games they had in the shop. Zombie killers two! Yes! I’ve wanted that game forever. The only problem was it cost three thousand yen. I only had two thousand, five hundred yen left. Maybe Kiyoko would have some money left. I decide to go in for the kill.
“Kiyoko, I really want this game but I only have two thousand five hundred yen left. Can I borrow some money?”
An eye roll from Kiyoko made the answer pretty obvious. It was a no. Damn. I really wanted it, too. I attempted to find a game worth two thousand five hundred yen which was pretty difficult. All of the games cost four hundred yen or more. I think we may as well just get back home. It’s been a long day.
“Kiyoko, let’s go. I can’t find anything I want here.”
Kiyoko quietly exit the shop. She was walking ahead. Did I do something wrong? If I did then I should know by now. She would have screamed at me or something. Trying to catch up to her was a mission. I need to know what was wrong.
“Kiyoko,” I shouted. “Wait up!”
Turning back she looked at me with her glistening, brown eyes. It looked as if something happened to her. What is going on?
I grabbed her arm and pulled her into a tiny alleyway. It was very dark and smelt of decayed urine. I need her to talk to me and this was the only way.
“Talk to me Kiy,” I whisper to her. “What’s wrong?”
I could see that Kiyoko was holding back her tears. This has got to be serious. It took her a while to reply to my question. When she did reply, I couldn’t believe what I heard.
“When we were in the games shop, I received a text saying my father had died. A funeral is being held for him tomorrow but I just can’t go.”
This was terrible. Kiyoko and her father haven’t spoken to each other for two years and to hear this must be heart-breaking for her. Neither her mother nor I knew the real reason behind why they stopped talking. I would ask Kiyoko but I don’t want to hurt her even more. I decide to change the subject because I could see this was ripping her apart.
“Shall we head home? It’s been a long day.”
Kiyoko nods and follows me through the alleyway. There was a person in front of us. He seemed to be taking his time walking. To me, he looked suspicious. He was wearing all black. Isn’t that what a robber would wear? I decided not to take any action against this and carried on walking. A few steps later and the guy stops. What is this guy doing? We need to get home. Before I know it, he grabs Kiyoko. Why is he doing this? Who is he?
“I’ve wanted to see you two for a while.” The guy says.
“Who are you?” I scream. “Let go of her now!”
“Don’t you know who I am?”
Wait, this voice, I recognise it… No, it can’t be… Mr Hukashima? Kiyoko’s dad. He’s dead though. It can’t be him.
Kiyoko looks up and screams for her life.
“I faked my own death. I was in a lot of debt and I just wanted to see my daughter. I came to apologise.”
Kiyoko was still screaming. I didn’t know what to do. Should I be the hero and try to grab her?
“Dad, let go of me! I don’t want to talk to you!”
“But darling,” he whispers. “We have to be together. I’m sorry we haven’t spoken for all these years but what you did hurt me.”

Just seconds later, he brings out a gun. This is going to be bad. My heart was racing and my palms were beginning to sweat. Is Kiyoko going to die? Or am I going to die? I saw Kiyoko trying to wriggle free from her father but he just wouldn’t let go. I have to be the one to save her right now. I don’t care about the reason behind why they weren’t talking; I just need Kiyoko by my side right now.
“I’m coming Kiyoko! Don’t worry!”
Running towards Mr Hukashima, I grab Kiyoko and attempt to push past him. I managed to get past and he runs quickly after us. “Kiyoko! Run back home! I’ll deal with your dad.”
“I can’t leave you Kai!” She says worryingly.
I push her forward and tell her to run. She nods and starts to run home. Then all of a sudden I turn round and there was a gunshot. The shot had hit my chest. So here we are; where I’m going to die. I clutched my chest and collapsed to my knees. I could hear Kiyoko shouting “help!” and everything just went black. I woke up to the sound of police sirens and Kiyoko crying on my lap.
“An ambulance will be here soon, Kai. Just don’t leave me please!”
“I…I… I’m sorry, Kiyoko.”
I went to reach out to her face but I lost consciousness again. I never regained consciousness after that. Mr Hukashima had won. I was dead and he had got his daughter back. All I wanted was to keep Kiyoko safe and I failed. I just hope one day Kiyoko will forgive me.

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2 Feb, 2013
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8 mins
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