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My Time
My Time

My Time

yaboyrobertRobert Thornton
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There was a thunderous knock at the door that made me jump out of my seat. I walked down the stairs and looked through the peephole but I couldn't see anyone. I opened the door and jumped back after what I saw. There was a tall, black-robed figure with a scythe in his bony hand; It was Death. I was about to yell out in terror but I saw him put his hands up in fear and stumble back. I was confused, it was Death, why did he get scared like that.

“Hey Pal, I didn't mean to scare you like that.” He said to me.

I just stood there, my jaw hanging down to the floor.

“It's a-alright, I guess. Is it my time to go?” My voice cracked as I started to tear up.

“Not yet bud, I was just wondering if you had a spare tire?” He replied.

I stood there, baffled. Here was this terrifying creature towering over me, and he asked me if I had a spare tire. This couldn't be real.

“A spare tire?” I sniffled while rubbing my eyes, thinking it was a dream.

“Yeah, my car broke down about a quarter mile back and I didn't have any cell service because of the storm, so I jogged down the road and saw your place.” Death replied to me as he scratched his head and looked down in an embarrassed way.

“Uh, um, yeah. I have one in the garage." I stuttered.

“Alright, that's sick, could you be ever so kind and let me have that tire, I was on my way to work and I don't have any more sick days to use. I'm already an hour late.” He politely asked.

"Yeah, ok pal. I'll be right out with it. You can come to sit in the living room for now." I offered him.

"Alright buddy, thank you for the hospitality." He generously said to me.

I walked into my garage and shut the door behind me and sat down. Death is in my living room right now, waiting for me to bring him a spare tire. Why was this happening?

I walked over to grab the spare tire but instantly felt a sharp pain in my neck. Simultaneously, there was a piercing pain in my stomach. I slouched over and fell to the ground, hitting my head in the process. I was lying there, motionless. I felt my life pouring out of my body, but before I went cold, I saw a towering figure run into the room and I faintly heard, "JOHN," before it went dark.

I slowly opened my eyes and rolled over in immense hurt.

"Wh- What's going on," I whispered as I felt pain in my body everywhere.

It looked as if I was on my couch, and had just fallen asleep while watching tv.

"I guess everything was just a bad dream," I sighed in relief.

I heard something fall in the kitchen, so I tried to get up to check it out. I grabbed on to the sides of the couch to pull me up. I wobbled over to my collection of antiques to grab a baseball bat to use as a walker, or as a weapon if needed. I peeked into the kitchen and almost fainted. It was real. Death was there, but what was he doing. He turned towards me and I stumbled back, hoping he didn't see me. I limped back to the couch to hide, but he knew where I was.

"You alright there Johnny? You had a pretty bad night." Death called out.

"What are you talking about." I cried.

"You had a stroke, John. You were getting the spare tire and you were taking long, so I went to check on you. You were laying on the ground lifeless, so I brought you in here and called a doctor." Death said empathetically.

"But, if I almost died, why didn't you let me?" I questioned.

"It wasn't your time John. You have great things to do in life John. Also, you gave me a spare tire and I owed you one." Death laughed.

"Right," I smiled.

"Well I don't want to waste any more of your time bud, I have to go back to work." Death said as he grabbed his scythe.

"Thanks a lot, Death, you really helped me out there." I thanked him.

"Of course pal. And don't feel the need to call me Death. You can call me Pierre. That's my birth name."

"Alright, Pierre. Hopefully, I don't see you for a long time, nothing personal." I said with a straight face.

"None took. You enjoy your day John." He respectfully said.

"You too."

Author Notes: Death was a great man who changed my life for the better. I'm forever in his debt.

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Robert Thornton
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10 Dec, 2018
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3 mins
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