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My Trip to the Hills

My Trip to the Hills

By Myrawiles

Introducing the characters:

* Milly (Main character)

* Shin whoo-lee (Chinese friend)

* Demitri (Friend)

* Lee-Shang woo (Chinese friend)

* Hayley (Milly's best friend)

Short description of the characters:

- Milly is 19 and she works for a company called Alco, is a college student.

- Shin whoo-lee is a foreign exchanged student that is 20 and works with computer science, is a college student.

- Demitri is a darker guy who is 20 and has his gang, is a college student.

- Lee-Shang woo is a foreign exchanged student that is 19 and she works with coding, is a college student.

- Hayley is 21 and owns her own store called Miniature Cakes, is a college student.

"Is everyone packed?" Milly asked.

"I think so," Hayley replies.

"Okay then, can someone help me pack the car?"

"I will Milly, let me bring my stuff downstairs real quick and I can help," Demitri tells her.

Demitri grabs his stuff and gets it back downstairs to the car.

"I need everyone to start bringing down their bags so we can pack them up in the car!" Demitri yells up to them.

Everyone starts coming down with their bags and hands them to Demitri and Milly to pack up in the long big white van.

"您得到了所需的东西吗?" Shin whoo-lee asked Lee-Shang. (Have you got what you need?)

"是, 你能回去看看我是否有充电器?" She replied. (Yes, can you go back and see if I have a charger?)

"是" He answered. (Yes)

"谢谢" She thanked him. (Thank you)

"Lee-Shang can you guys stop talking and get in the car already?" Milly asks kind of mad.

"Yes, sorry."

"It's okay"

Everyone but Milly and Shin get in the care because Milly is waiting to get Shin's bag to put in the back. She watches the stairs waiting for him. He eventually comes down and Milly grabs his bag from him and puts it in the back.

"Get in," she told him.

Shin gets in the back with Lee. Hayley and Demitri sit closer to the front next to each other and Milly is in the driver's seat. The start driving their way down to the lodges where they will stay so they can hike. They are on fall break for the week so they decided to go hiking. The four friends play iMessage games with each other. Milly turns up the music and listens to it as she drives.

"So we have three hours until we get there. If anyone needs to use the restroom or get food let me know." Milly tells them.

"Okay." They all reply.

The hours passed and they arrived. Milly turned around to tell them they arrived but they were all asleep so Milly quietly got out of the car and started taking everything inside their lodge. She started putting the groceries from the cooler into the fridge and freezer. Suddenly there is a sound of the wood crack at the front door so Milly turns and looks to see what it was.

"Oh my goodness you scared me Demitri. Don't sneak in like that!" Milly was frightened.

"Sorry Milly, do you need help?"

"No it's okay I got it."

"Okay well, I will bring the bags to the rooms."

"Okay, thank you."

"No problem"

Demitri starts to put the bags in rooms. Milly finishes and goes to help Demitri with the bags. Demitri grabs her arm gently and looks at her. She looks at him back and gets confused.

Author Notes: There will be a part two!!

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About This Story
26 Nov, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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