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My True Family

My True Family

By ronchenella

Mia, that's what my friends called me but my real name was krisselena. I know it has no connection what so ever to Mia ,well that's because you don't know my story.
     It was October 10, 2 days before my birthday.  You are probably thinking what could  go wrong ,well a lot did.
October 18, 2013
"  Mia get up we have a lot of work to do before your birthday in just two more days!" my aunt Bernadette had screamed. You see I lived with my father(Joe Kidd) the twin (Jeffery and Jayson Kidd) and my aunt (Bernadette Kidd). My father was the C.E.O of some tablet company in New York but was also the number drug dealer in North Carolina while my aunt stayed home to babysit because we were grounded. We went to one of dad's secret drug meetings almost getting ourselves killed but it was fun. I also meet my boyfriend Shemar there, he was one of dad's top clients and best friend.
          I was finally turning sixteen, a age every kid looked forward to except me.                                                                                                                       " I don't care  about my birthday it only means i can finally help dad in the drug business." i screamed back. That's the thing with my family you turn sixteen you get to deal. I was planning to sneak out and go to P.F.E with Shemar tomorrow as a pre-birthday celebration. 
  I climbed out of bed and did my morning routine: bathe, wash my face, brush my teeth, comb my hair and get dressed.  I went downstairs only to see my dad and brother, Jayson, in an heated argument.
" You will not but a girl over your family." dad growled
" I'm not dad i'm putting her over you and your drugs! i'm tired of it and Krisselena doesn't want anything to do with you or the family business." Jayson stated calmly walking out the door.
" Whose Krisselena?" I asked dad. He turned shock, hurt and betrayal written on his face. You could see the tears threatening to surface but easily being pushed back.
" You are  sweet heart." he cooed
" I am? What do you mean? Dad you are freaking me out now."
" kri..."
" Mia!"
" Mia, you are adopted.".
The world just shattered. Next thing I knew I was running out the door with my dad calling out to me. I didn't stop running until I was in front of Shemar's apartment. Tears rushing down my face as I rang the door bell. 
" Hey ba... Mia what's wrong?" Shemar queried in a worried tone
" Ma,  ma.... I'm adopted!" I  said choking on my words

Author Notes: my first story on this site.

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About This Story
18 Jun, 2014
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2 mins
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