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My Unattractive Thoughts
My Unattractive Thoughts

My Unattractive Thoughts

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They say she's crazy cause she speaks her mind.

She'll tell you of the madness inside her head.

She speaks her thoughts in perfect rhyme.

She admits to taking strong crazy meds.

She has dreams that would make the boogie man have fits.

Even nightmares from time to time.

Crazier nightmares than she would never admit.

There are nights when she never closes her eyes.

Every now and then she will go on a rant.

Usually about the evil on this earth.

She would love to change things but she knows she can't.

Just know that she would for what it's worth.

She's a pretty happy person when it's all said and done.

Blessed with family and friends who love her so.

She has always wanted her very own son.

But she understands that sometimes God says no.

Somewhat of a temper that gets better with age.

If you ask me she's doing much better.

Lately she has way more good than bad days.

Maybe people are just doing less to upset her.

She gets in these moods where she just needs to write,

whatever comes to her tattered warped mind.

Even if it shows her in an unpleasant light.

There are so many answers that she can't find.

The allusive answers are more than she can stand.

She desperately wants to know them all.

When they disregard her urgent demand,

she feels as if she is about to fall.

She writes what she knows in an attempt to feel better.

Even if it's meaningless to all others.

She feels a sense of relief with each jotted letter,

and no longer feels so damned smothered.

She reads her words a time or two and usually that's all it takes.

She feels a sense of relief & quickly hits delete.

Occasionally when things are at their worst deleting is not the case.

She bravely posts her odd words up for everyone to see.

A dangerous move some might say, like slapping at a spur.

Something pushes her to do it and she's not the least bit scared.

I guess it's not priority what others think of her.

It's something of a rush knowing her soul has been bared.

So as you can see this was a time

when delete was not the answer.

If she ever wants to go to sleep she knows what she must do.

The unanswered questions will haunt her like a reoccurring cancer.

These questions that remind her that she hasn't got a clue.

So here it is for all to see, the aggravation she feels.

Pretty sure that this makes no sense at all.

It's like a thief inside her head looking for answers to steal.

The thief can now be the one who feels as if they'll fall.

Goodnight all

Author Notes: I would appreciate any feedback, positive or negative.

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About This Story
2 Oct, 2016
Read Time
2 mins
4.0 (1 review)

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