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My view on humans

My view on humans

By TheForgotten - 2 Reviews

It's as though humans are destined to destroy themselves, tearing down everything good and pure along with them. Why is this? Why do humans by instinct have the constant pull to ruin everything.

Honestly I believe we're a very destructive species, and despite scientists "proving" we're the smartest I don't believe it to be truthful, for we out of every living organism to have made contact with Earth are by far the most idiotic.

Don't believe me? Look at what we're doing. Cutting down rainforest which hold a vital role in keeping balance in the air quality. We're dumping waste into the ocean, intoxicating animals we call food, not only that but the coral reefs are being destroyed as well, which I will have you know also play a part in air purity. You know that lovely commodity called cars? Think of all the pollutants being released into the air. Oh and that hamburger you ate the other day, it's poop is ruining the ozone layer.

Why are we doing this? Because honestly for the life of me I cannot figure it out. Why do we, as humans feel the need to break everything beautiful? So let me ask you one last thing, when people say humans are the most civilized species, are we truely?

Author Notes: I'd like it if someone could help me understand this concept. Or answer one of the many questions.

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3 May, 2016
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