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A Mysterious Guy

A Mysterious Guy

By toni

First day of the 2nd school year of Toni. She was excited to meet her friends again.

They make noise in one corner and they don't care if others are irritated with their noise. Toni and her friends were classmates.

When their first class started, Toni noticed one guy sitting alone at the back. That guy captured the attention of Toni.One day, their debate professor announces that they are going to have a group activity for the preliminary period. Toni and the guy named Rj were groupmates.

Then that day is the start of everything in Toni's inspirational life.

The days goes on.........

Toni and Rj secretely going to church right after their class and group activity and nobody know's about it even the friends of Toni.

The next day, Toni and her friends are busy doing their assignment. Nobody knows that Toni doing an assignment for Rj too, that time Toni is out of her mind because their next subject is debate and they're going to have a debate clush. Then suddenly, Toni's friends noticed the hand writing of Toni on Rj's paper work then they confront Toni and they tease her all day long.
She admitted to her friends about the assignment and she told them that they are only friends. But the truth is she already have feelings with Rj. She secretely loving Rj.

Days passed......

One night, Toni and Rj are busy exchanging messages...their messages goes this way....

Rj: i have something to tell you.

Toni: What is it?

Rj: hmmmmmm... I fall in love with you...


Toni: me too..

Rj: Really?

Toni: Yes, I already felt it before but I'm afraid to be hurt so i kept it but now I'm confident with it.

....and now they are apart but still in strong relationship. Toni was in somewhere working and Rj continious his journey in schooling in College of Law.

Author Notes: Based on true story.

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18 Apr, 2013
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