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By Simon Cowell

Theres a flat in a block
overlooking the dock
where id visit an old lady if I could turn back the clock

cos she was my big nana who wasnt at all fat
but she was bigger than the other so we always called her that

she'd sit in her chair with a cardy around her knees
in front of the window surrounded by trees

she loved to watch the birds outside a robin and a thrush
then off to town id take her in her wheelchair which id push

I was tall and skinny at the time and strong just wasnt me
will you get me up that curb simon lad or is that just not to be

lets give it a go I'll take it slow I let out a painfull sigh
pushing and pushing and all the while thinkin I was going to die

first stop was the library in the center of the TOON
where hung inside was a picture of me and Nana chose her MILLS AND BOON

you always know which ones youve read youve read an awful lot
thats cos once ive read them lad on the back page I place a dot

next stop was the bakers if we'd only got there sooner
we could have beat the wife who bought the last sliced big bloomer

Jackie whites market next I think then off to the little TESCO
are you sure your ok my lad your pushin me awful slow

dont worry about me nana dear have you remembered to bring your pills
great then give me one pushin this wheelchair realy kills

not long now Simon lad we will be sat on a comfy seat
in the cafe in the market square where we will get a bite to eat

sat at nanas late at night but I wasnt going just yet
it was time for our favorite show Davina hosting YOU BET

would you like a sandwhich Simon son ive got your favorite ham
nothin was too much bother for nana and to me she was a second mam

but id describe our relationship more that of a best friend
for my nana and I could laugh till we'd cry and drive my parents around the bend

days out with the folks in the back of the car
we'd laugh all the way no matter how far

and once we were out and she went terribly numb
cos a surfer was undressing and she seen his bare bum

good God above she said that lad has got no shame
all the while I was wishing I could go and ask him his name

she didnt stop lookin though  I remember it so well
and for years and years latter that story id oftern tell

my nana is gone now and so is my best friend
but she lives on inside of me till I meet my bitter end

her laugh and her smile and her funny little ways
live on in me forever where my love for her still stays

she sent me a gift just after she died
to tell me she loved me or that she had reached the other side

I oftern think back to playing cards till all hours
then as if she were with me id smell her favorite flowers

I oftern think of you and sometimes I still cry
cos the thing that hurts the most is that I never said goodbye

I hope you like my poem about my Nana XxX

Simon Cowell XxX

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About The Author
Simon Cowell
About This Story
29 Apr, 2014
Read Time
2 mins
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