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Narrative Assignment Handmaid’s Tale

Narrative Assignment Handmaid’s Tale

By aryanr847 - 1 Review

Aahan and Ritu are an Indian couple that lives in a small flat located in New Delhi.

They had a typical life - going to work in a business office for Accenture, then coming home for a regular dinner and repeating the same the next day.

Aahan and Ritu always wanted to take a break from their daily lives and chose to take a summer vacation somewhere in the United States, where it is most popular.

They decide to plan a vacation to Cambridge, Massachusetts, but on a big budget. They book their stay at the Skybridge hotel, which looks nice but on a somewhat sketchy side of the city.

Aahan and Ritu make their way to the Skybridge hotel, but the sign says “Welcome to Gilead” in Red-bolded letters printed on a big, dark building entrance.

They thought nothing of it and thought it was a fancy name for the hotel. They go inside and can barely make out the features of the interior.

Aahan and Ritu immediately hear gunshots and run to a room similar in size to where the Handmaids sleep. They look out the window and see a sign to a nicer-looking building with a sign saying “Welcome to Skybridge,” being the hotel they booked.

Aahan and Ritu realized their mistake and tried to make it to the correct building but were stopped by a guardian named Nick.

After being stopped by Nick, Ritu (being pregnant) was kept in Gilead and used as a Handmaid until she went into labor. Aahan was sent as a commander, and the couple was split.

Ritu could escape her room and hide in Aahan’s room, so they could still communicate. They stayed in Gilead for a few months to learn what Gilead was and try to escape.

They learned how this patriarchal society was. Aahan and Ritu noticed that men were superior to women and laws applied there were not what they saw as normal. They realized that the power of Gilead was much more than this single building, with maps of many similar buildings across most of America. They did not want to be a part of society that didn't agree with equality.

Aahan was able to get a hold of a gun to hold others back and took Ritu and their newborn, Shaan, and escaped back to New Delhi, and never looked back to the Skybridge hotel.

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25 Mar, 2022
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