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Nature's Contrast
Nature's Contrast

Nature's Contrast

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Rain falls softly over a field of flowers sending all the small creatures of the field to run for cover. The rabbit finds safety in her burrow. The squirrel lingers in a hollow tree. The beetles seek shelter under a log. The flowers sway in the breeze, stretching their leaves out to catch the drops of precious life falling around them. Inky dark clouds float across the sky, spilling over the horizon into the mysterious depths of forever. The bravest of the worms are the first to step past their shyness. They inch carefully across the ground, refamiliarizing themselves with the landscape above. A mother robin shelters her babies in their nest. The scene seems peaceful. But calm things have a way of dissolving into a seemingly disheveled sort of state. Therefore, it should be no surprise when the mild rain becomes a downpour or when a slight breeze finds its way into a strong wind. The rabbit's burrow begins to fill with the rain. The tree in which the squirrel is residing begins to sway. The beetles huddle closer under a log. The flowers retract their leaves and tighten themselves up, leaving the field without bloom. The baby robins cry out, while their mother holds them under her wing.
The worms are swept away in the flow of water across the field, gone. Thunder cackles, distantly at first, then gradually closer.
Lightning flashes. The sky lights up with a deadly glow. A tree is blackened. All of its life, including the seemingly safe squirrel, is gone.
The beetles scurry to higher ground but don't get the chance. The sea of mud is not imprezsed by their efforts and takes the beetles, gone.
The air goes cold. The wind gusts. The happy home of a family tumbles from its perch, inhabitants along for the fall. The chicks go silent, gone.
The rabbit's burrow is filled with water. The earth above can't take the pressure. The ceiling comes down on the rabbit, gone.
The flowers begin losing grip on their petals. Each colored fragment is blown off in the wind, gone.
As the last of the dark clouds tumble over the horizon, it becomes clear that life has abandoned this peaceful field. The once peaceful landscape shares no resemblance with the field that once inhabited that same patch of natural space, but nothing manipulated the course of nature to make it this way. The destruction was completely normal. This should be known, that there is more to nature than luscious landscapes and vast waters. The earth shakes. The sea trembles. The sky takes its violent delights. Nature is not one-sided. It changes. It varies. There is so much to nature that never stays the same. That is what makes nature so beautiful: nature has contrast

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15 Apr, 2022
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2 mins
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