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Needed Only In Help, and Nothing More

Needed Only In Help, and Nothing More

By KevinT

Many people just can call you or talk to you when they are need of help, but then the next day you are a complete unknown person. You want to talk them, but you are the one that has to start the conversation. Never them, they just start a conversation when they need help. I'm not saying that you have to be over them all the time, I'm just saying that since you do care very much about them why they don't look after you. Like I said before they will just look for you when they need help. So sad to see this, but when you do see this one thing that you should is just stop looking for them and see if they do care they should now look for you. Then if you see that they are looking for you then you should continue looking for them, but if they don't then you should not even talk to that person. Next time they want help you should tell them that you feel that they just use you so you can help them and say that you don't want to help them. Today I stared at the moon and then felt completely empty like if I didn't have a heart to feel any kind of emotion. Then I notice that there was nobody there to tell me that I wasn't alone. That there were there to help me find any emotion in my heart, but I then knew that I was only good to help others and I was not able to help myself. Then that same phrase kept going in my mind, " I am only good to help others and I am not able to help myself". And it still keeps going that through my mind, but life is like this and we have to continue alone or acompany in this road. Hoping it is not a dead end road, but a long road with a little help on the way. Readers I end this blog now, sorry that I wrote so much sadness I feel a little down today. Thank you for your many views on my last two "short stories". Here are again my two Emails= [email protected] and [email protected]...

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22 Apr, 2011
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