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Nelly: Part 1
Nelly: Part 1

Nelly: Part 1

Vocaloid_SachikoDeadly Dolly

It was a cold windy morning. The snow crunching beneath my winter boots was drowned out by my best friend rambling about some horror movie he saw last night. His name is Adam Watts. He's kinda short for an eighth grade boy at 5'2, but it doesn't slow him down. His blonde hair was hidden underneath his black snow jacket. He laughed and kept on raambling about his favorite murder scene.

My name is Hiro Kokkusu. I'm a mix of Japanese and America heritage or something. I have a weird light blue color of eyes and puffy yet surprisingly spikey black hair. I'm pretty pale for a Jap/American mix. My mom died a few years ago from cancer, and dad just couldn't take care of me, so I went to foster care and life with my best friend, Adam and his three sisters and his identical twin brother, Alix. We live in a small town in Washington state called Alcalite. It's a few towns away from the state capital.

"Uh, Hiro?" Adam said, looking at me funny.

"Hm?" I replied. I was lost in my thoughts, thinking about what was gonna happen at school and if Erica, my crush, would talk to me at all.

"You okay? You seemed spaced out." He gave me a slight punch on my arm.

Yeah, I'm fine."

"Really? Because you looked like you were thinking of Erica!" He smiled and made kissy noises at me and I fellt my cheecks turn hot and red.

"Cut it out! Geez dude I wasn't! Really!" He knew I was lying because he replied with his usual 'Uh huh, sure.' We walked to school talking about horror movies and animes we'd recently seen. As we aprouched the school, the snow started dying down a bit as we walked through the door. I brushed the snow off my black hair and slid off my back-pack into my locker. I grabbed my books and closed my locker, but when I turned around I was face to face with some stranger. She had long black hair that almost touched her knees, and her bangs slightley hid her purple eyes. She wore a sky blue beanie on top of her snow covered head, and her nose was red from the weather. She didn't have a snow jacket on, to my surprise, but a light blue dress half-way in between her knees and her ankles. I stepped back bumping into my locker.

"C-Can I help you?" I asked. I cursed under my breath for stuttering. She spoke in a monotonous tone.

"Yes, actually you can. Where is the math room?" She kept staring at me right in the eye, and it gave me a chill up my spine.

"I'll just walk you there, I have math anyway."

"Thank you..." She replied and looked at a stuffed cat she was holding close to her chest. As we walked along the hallway in silence I heard footseteps beind me. I looked but no one was here and the footsteps stopped. I heard her mumble something under her breath but I couldn't make out what it was she said. We continued walking in silence. We went up the srairs in the main foray and I heard those footsteps again. I chose to ignore them this time, but they got louder and louder until I couldn't hear anything else but those footsteps.

"Just look, or else they'll make you go deaf." I looked at the girl as she stopped and pointed behind us. I looked and the footsteps stopped. I turned around to ask her what on earth that was, but she started walking away, so I saved my questions for later.

"What's your name?" I asked. She didn't even look up at me.

"Nelly." She said. I had to strain to hear her she was so quiet. "Nelly Winston." She walked off into the crowd of middleschoolers and I lost sight of her. I went to math and sat in my usual spot in between Adam and Alix. I saw Nelly was sitting in the row next to mine, only a few seats away.

"Hey Nelly. Did you find the room okay?" I asked in wonder. She didn't even look back at me. She looked down at her cat plush and spoke.

"Yes, I did. Thank you for showing me which hall it was in." For the first time I actually seen her smile, and seemed to blush a bit.

Once math was over I went to my English class. I waved to Adam good-bye, as he went to his art class. Alix walked with me to English though. I sat up front in the middle row, not unusual to any other day. To my surprise when I turned around to talk to Manuel, a boy from the same calss who usually sits behind me, I saw Nelly.

"Oh, hey Nelly." I said and turned around. She tapped on my shoulder and asked me a question.

"Can you walk me to my next class? I have no idea where the home ec. room is." She looked at her cat and mummbled something I couldn't hear. Her face turned into a frown and turned an awkward shade of pinkish purple.

"Sure thing." I replied. As soon as I turned around I heard scribbling behind me. I didn't remember her having out any pencil or pen, not even a piece of paper! I turned around to face Nelly, but instead I saw Manuel.

"Manuel, when did you get here?" I asked, trying not to make my tone sound surprised, but failed miserably.

"What are you talking about?" He said. "I've been here the whole time. You even said 'Hi' to me! What, do you have amnesia or something?" By his tone I could tell he was already offended. I glanced at what was making the scribling noise and to my surprise, it was a drawing of Nelly!

"Hey, is that Nelly, the new girl?" I asked him. He made a weird face at me like I didn't know what I was talking about.

"Who, and what new girl? Dude, you're CLEARLY out of your mind." He said angrily. He stopped talking to me and continued drawing.

Author Notes: Hey guys! Thanks for reading this story and please comment if you want a part two. All locations, characters, and events are from my imagination, and any resemblances of people or relatives, living or dead, are completely coincidental. Love you peoples!

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4 Dec, 2016
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