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Never doubt the power of love

Never doubt the power of love

By Canshai24

I grew up a poor, young girl. Trying to find a place in this world. I thought to myself one Sunday afternoon after talking to my friend about her boyfriend. I knew then as I know now, no one could ever love me. Or at least I thought I knew... It all started on a Friday (or was it a Thursday I never remember) anyway I was walking down the street after I treated myself for ice cream. I had a rough day at work. Truthfully I did (Im a psychiatrist, and that day was me dealing with a sex-addict, man she taught me things about sex I never would have known). So I decided to go to a bar. I am after all twenty six. I say at the booth telling the bartender to get me a beer, when all of a sudden a tall dark haired, beautiful blue eyed man walks through and sits down next to me. I smile of course.

"Hi there, my name is Jon. What's yours?" He says in a flirty voice. "My name is Katherine." I reply. He smiled of course (cause that's the thing guys do when they want you in bed, "party at their place".) He turns to me again. "So what's a pretty thing like you doing at a bar like this. Avoiding your husband? Boyfriend?" He said next. "I'm single. I guess I'm just lonely." I say. (Trying to see what he'd do). He takes the beer out of my hand. Puts his hand right on my thigh, and and says "I feel you there." I calmly removed his hand and jumped out of the seat and headed for the door. He of course stopped me. "Hey, hey, hey. Where you going. I'm sorry I did that. I like you that's all. I want to get to know you. Please. Come back to the seat."( I thought ok then.) and started walking to my seat. After about two hours at the bar and really getting to know Jon and him getting to know me. He walked me home.

We were at my apartment door step when he asked to come over. I happily let him. I told him my job at the bar so he wasn't shocked at how messy it was. I pointed at the couch and asked him to sit down. He did. After a while I grabbed some movies and showed them to him and asked if he wanted to watch at of them. He pointed at a romance one. And we watched it. I sat next to him which is what he wanted me to do. Then during the movie he put his arm around me. And then later we started kissing. And then passionately. And then it was like our lips were stuck together. Then he removed them and started kissing my jaw line then neck. I moaned. Then he stopped and kissed my lips again and I kissed his neck. Then he took my short off and we went in to my bedroom. And so fourth. When I woke up. I was naked attached to Jon. I didn't know what happened that night but I think I enjoyed it. We were both awake. I started kissing his neck again. Then he push me off and he kissed mine. His hands were on my back and pushing my body more and more toward his. And he told me he loved me. Not just for sex. But me. He started telling me the reasons he loved me. And asked me to marry him. I loved him too. So I excepted. And we went further. And now I am married to the man of my dreams. And I have twins on the way which we are both excited about.

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About This Story
15 Feb, 2013
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3 mins
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