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Never Keep a Secret

Never Keep a Secret

By jacoblycanly

In the cornfields he shares his lunch with her, him giving her gummy bears, her giving him spare chocolate pudding. He smiles at her, and whispers those words that bring both chills and butterflies into every man. A look of shock crosses her face, and she smiles and gladly accepts. On the way back home they held each-others hands. Christmas rolls around, and they are so happy the entire way. She gives him a CD and a frame with a picture of them together, and he gives her a box of chocolates and a kiss. That night he whispers to her for the first time that he loves her, so much more than she could ever imagine. They stay together, through New Years, Memorial Day, The Fourth of July, and Labor Day. Every month their love grows stronger, their hearts become closer. However, there’s a problem.
Her cousin comes around, threatens him, leers at him, and insults him. Her cousin has no idea how much love there is between them, and doesn’t care. He drives the boy away from the house again and again, straining the bond between the boy and girl again and again.
Eventually the boy breaks down.
He writes the girl a letter, telling her it can never be right between them, and that he isn’t in love with her. He lies to her, deceives her, breaks her heart and tears it to shreds, because he loves her. He doesn’t want to hurt the close relationship she has with her cousin, and he is too afraid to stay with her while her cousin is still there. She will never find out either, he is too determined to never hurt her with that news.
They grow apart. Between them exists a thread of the love that once existed. They both know that he lied, but only he knows why. She starts dating other guys, and all of them treat her like shit. The boy, now maturing in both mind and body, befriends her. He helps her through everything these guys throw at her throughout the school year. The thread becomes a string.
Summer rolls along again, and he spends more and more time with her. On a warm summer evening they kiss, and he leaves with a happy heart. On his way home he sees the cousin, and that old fear creeps across his heart like ice. The next night, he lies to her again, this time not out of concern for her, but in order to keep that secret, that original lie that broke her heart all those years ago. He walks away from her, hearing every soft sob that escapes her lips. They tear at his heart like razors.
Winter freezes the air, and the string has again become a thread. The same pattern resumes, and slowly the thread thickens. The winter passes, and the boy graduates. He is a man now, and is no longer afraid. He visits her every weekend, and before he goes to college, he kisses that girl just one last time. Before he leaves, he asks her to try, one last time. He finally lets her know about the secret that he has been keeping for the past four years, and how sorry he is that it went the way it did.
She looks him in the eye, and tears roll down her face.
Now that man is in college, writing this story, realizing what a damn fool he was. He is still in contact with that girl, but his heart is hard, and the thread is broken. He hopes someone learns from this. He hopes that someone new will come along

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About The Author
About This Story
10 Jan, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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