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Never Too Late to Keep

Never Too Late to Keep

By KevinT

Why do we ask questions like why should I trust you ?, why should I help you?, why do I even know you ?... We ask this questions for insecurity. Why insecurity you say, insecurity because sometimes we were back-stabbed or left alone when in need of help. We should have trust in somebody when that person or persons gives us loyalty until the end of the world or any time when we need the help. Loyalty is the reason or value why relations or friendships succeed. Without loyalty you would easily back-stab your friend, or you will easily cheat on your wife or girlfriend. Loyalty has such a great power over everyone even in political matters. In political matters you could be allied of a country, when you country would be attack that same ally would defend and would stop the invasion. In a friendship you would be allied to one of your friend, if your friend needs help you should be there, if he or she needed something you would look for it until you could do no more. That way your showing your friend loyatly, but most of the cases many "friends" don't see that they just see you as somebody to use when just looking for help. That's why the value of loyalty is being use or put into use very few. I have been totally loyal to few friends, becuase I see how they treat me and also that they are going to like and be please with my loyalty. I do that so people would not take advantage of my loyalty. I always been grateful to my friends and girlfriend, because they treat as a good person and of all they respect me and are loyal to me. Sometimes we are not loyal to ourselves, because we care much more about other people than ourselves. We would not see how bad our surroundings or how bad we are doing of ourselves just because we have been caring more about others. Remember even it sound greedy it is first you then someone else because someone else would not save you from one of your inner problems or conflicts with yourself. Strangely I don't follow my own advise, first are my friends and girlfriends then it is me. I do that, becuase if my friend or gf are happy I'm happy and would not miss a thing to see them smile :)! So readers remember be loyal, because loyalty is not just a value, it is athing that would help us through life, becuase with loyalty you gain people and their trust that would help you throughout life... This is my email [email protected] in case you have a topic please send me a message so I can talk about it and think about it .. Thank you for your time and you views :D!!!

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9 Jun, 2011
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2 mins
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