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Never Use Wal-Mart's bathroom

Never Use Wal-Mart's bathroom

By Teddie

I went to Wal-Mart once before and I was having an ok time there. I was with my parents at the time and they went to wait in line to check out our items. Personally I hate waiting in lines and I had to take a piss. The bathrooms were right next to where I was standing so I went.

As I went in I was happy to see no one in there because I had to pee and it was going to be loud up in this Wal-Mart. I mean you've had these moments where you had to pee but you saw something on the shelves you like so you say 'I can hold it' and it becomes a repetitive thing. Soon your walking with limp holding your crotch like bitch move I gots to go.

So anyway that's what kind of when on here. But as I felt relieved to go as hard as possible a big man came in. He had to be in his twenties or so. I looked back he had a red face and doing the shit-walk. You know what mean. When you clamp your butt-cheeks and walk in a stiff way. Someone asks you if you're ok. You tell mm, uh. Nope I got to shit. So anyway I quickly walk in a stall to avoid conversation not that he wanted to talk. But of coarse he has to pick the stall next to mine. All the sudden I klunk klunk, klunk klunk klunk. At first I thought I didn't know he was taking a load off. So I thought to my self this guy pisses weird. He's like messing with me here with this stop and go strategy.

But soon I start to realize he was taking massive shits. All I heard for three hole minutes was klunk klunk, klunk klunk klunk. The place smelt like shit before I even was able to walk in. You can't imagine my pain. I was started gagging I mean what the hell did you eat man. Then there was the tipping point. He started moaning as his sections of klunks were over. So I had to say something. "Sir, you shitting is disrupting my pissing." I didn't get a response so I ran the hell out of there and my piss in for another hour when we got home.

I'm never looking like Wal-Mart the same.

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1 Feb, 2013
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2 mins
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