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Never Wanted

Never Wanted

By smiles105 - 1 Review

There once was a little baby girl born on Feb. 26, 1997. Her biological mom didn't even care. The little girl was taken away at three months old. She was giving to this lovely, church family. The mom couldn't have children and wanted one so bad. So, the little girl was spoiled to death and became a monster. At the age of 7 her mom, was diagnosed with cancer. The little girl didn't pay any mind, but inside she died a little. She had no idea who her biological dad was, and probably never will. The dad in this family, was hiding a horrid secret from everyone. Before the little girls eighth birthday on Feb. 7. Her mother passed away. She wasn't home because her mom was rushed to the hospital because the little girl ran by her bed and pulled a tube out. When the mom got home, she never woke up. The little girl cried and cried til she couldn't cry anymore. She blamed herself. They went to the funeral, the little girl didn't cry or even sob once. She died some more. Her daddy, slowly began to stop caring and talking to her. He took her to a home for a while to see if that would fix things. It did for a while. She began to want attention that her dad wouldn't give her. She found herself chasing after every boy to get attention from. She was now in her 6th grade year. She began hanging out with the wrong friends and got her in a lot of trouble. She wanted to do better but never really could without any guidance. When they all went to court and got 25 hours of community service. Her dad took her back into this room. With another man, and her friends mom. He looked that girl straight in the face and said he didn't want her anymore. She set there, then looked down at her hands and said ok. She didn't shed a tear. She died some more. They went to pick up her things from her house, so she could move in with a new family. She didn't even say good-bye to that man she knew as her dad. Turns out she didn't know him at all. He never wanted kids was his secret. He had put up with her to long. The girl never looks back. She isn't close to anyone anymore. She has guidance now, and eventually went from nasty to fabulous. She made the cheerleading team and suddenly everyone loved her. She still sometimes cries at night when nobodys around. She doesn't dare cry in front of anyone. She died again. She still looks for attention. She can't help but want it. She misses her mom, and wonders what her life would have been like if she hadn't passed. The girl is now in high school and made Varsity cheerleading her freshman year. Every boy and girls seems to stare, it gets rather annoying. She does pageants and has won her first 2 so far. There is one coming up in Jan. The girl sometimes feels like taking a bottle of pills and feels the need to throw up. She doesn't dare. She tells herself she is fabulous to make herself feel better. The girls blood ran cold a long time ago. She can't help it. She doesn't cry if someone dies, she doesn't cry if someones dieing in the hospital. Sometimes she thinks she can't feel. Thats all started to change, she starts to feel a little something now and then. It never lasts. The once never wanted little girl, is now wanted by many. Well, that little girl was me; that was and has been my life.

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26 Dec, 2011
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3 mins
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